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10 in 10: Technologies That Changed Trade Shows Over the Last Decade

Posted on Thu, Aug 01, 2019

Last month, Core-apps celebrated its 10th anniversary as a company. While a decade of success is a proud accomplishment for any company, it might as well be 100 years in the world of technology, which changes on a nearly weekly basis these days. In honor of this significant milestone for Core-apps (which was acquired by Community Brands earlier this year, but will live on as a brand under the Community Brands’ umbrella), TSNN talked with Wayne Crawford, Core-apps’ veteran vice president of sales, to get his thoughts on the top 10 technologies that have changed trade shows over the last 10 years.

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How to Use Technology to Generate Leads in Your Booth

Posted on Tue, Sep 11, 2018

Walk any trade show floor these days and you are likely to be struck by how much technology is now a part of the most effective exhibits. From giant video walls to digital kiosks to touchscreens, the latest technology is now a must for marketers. Although leading-edge technology is always expensive at the outset, exhibitors can stretch their dollars by renting the latest technology for their most important shows and by following up on leads to deliver a real return on investment.

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It was all about technology at this trade show event

Posted on Tue, Mar 13, 2018

The 2018 ExhibitorLive Trade Show event in Las Vegas offered many new engagement opportunities for both attendees and exhibitors. They brought a new level of energy and excitement to the EXHIBITORLIVE community! You could choose from 182 educational sessions and workshops (including 70 all-new presentations) guaranteed to improve the performance of your trade shows and corporate events.   Experience the best new products in the Exhibit Hall, upgrade your face-to-face marketing skills, and expand your network of people who "do what you do".   Here are some highlights from the show:

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Mistakes to Avoid When Ordering Event Technologies

Posted on Tue, Apr 11, 2017

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Trade Show Event Technology That's Hot For 2016

Posted on Thu, Jan 07, 2016

With 2016 HERE, it’s a good time to take a look at what’s hot for event technology, and how we can use that technology to improve both the experience of an event, as well as the bottom line success within your trade show display. It’s important to note that even though technology now allows for virtual meetings and webinars, in-person events still provide the best way to build relationships, network, find qualified buyers, meet vendors, and generate buzz and interest.

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5 Ways to get the most out of your AV supplier

Posted on Tue, Mar 24, 2015

TECHNOLOGY IS THE UNSUNG HERO OF MOST EVENTS. If everything functions perfectly, you barely notice it, but if the lights go out, the video stops working or the sound is off, it’s all you’ll remember. Don’t leave A/V up to chance. Here are the five things you should know to get the best results from your supplier.

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Incorporating Wearable Technology in Your Booth Engagement Strategy

Posted on Thu, Mar 05, 2015

One of the biggest stories at CES last month was the throng of wrist wearables on display. While some experts are not convinced that wearable technology will take over the technological world, there are many people who are jumping on the wearable bandwagon. So, how can you incorporate this technology when you develop your booth engagement strategy? 

First, consider what the pull is for having a wrist wearable.  The idea is to have a ton of tech available to stay in touch with what is going on around you, including emails and calls coming in from your smartphone.

It is about having information right at your fingertips, literally.  E-mails can be sent and verified by attendees with the wearable. When the attendee verifies the e-mail, this can be a new engagement point for your booth staff.

Second, keep in mind that your attendee receives instantaneous push notifications via wrist wearables. If you are able to have geo targeted push notifications, you can be sure attendees with wearable technology are immediately ‘in the know’, and probably in the same general location, when they receive the notification.

This technology can help drive attendee behavior, such as engaging with your demo or stopping in for a lecture.

Lastly, don’t forget that the wearable only works with the link to the attendees’ smartphones.  What does this mean for you?  It means you don’t want to focus on the wearable and ignore the smartphone engagement.

Helping the attendee engage with your company and your booth should include all facets of the technology.  So, don’t miss the opportunities that come with smartphone communication just because you are adding in the wrist wearable.

While there is no clear cut conclusion if wearable technology is a fad or not, incorporating it in your strategy gets you on the wrist of your attendees.

Guest Blogger- Lisa Apolinski - See more at: 

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Interactive Rental Components In Your Exhibit Get More Attention

Posted on Thu, Dec 04, 2014

Having a booth on the trade show or convention floor always involves some kind of risk - will they stop by, will it be inviting enough, will it pack them in?  But using the right elements can give you the best return on your investment in trade show display rentals. One of the best ways to generate interest and create buzz is to include audio visual elements and special lighting. By including the latest audio and visual equipment, you’ll send the message that your company is successful, cutting-edge and innovative. You’ll also enhance your booth’s overall message and engage visitors on a deeper level while attracting more attention.

Studies have shown that if a message is presented in multiple formats it is retained longer in the memory. So if you want attendees to remember your company’s message, presenting it visually on an LCD screen as well as on banners is a step in the right direction. Adding sound from a laptop video, a company jingle or an engaging but brief demonstration will reinforce the message even more.

Tablet computers frequently make appearances at marketing and industry events these days because they’re easy to carry, fun to use and relatively inexpensive to lease or rent for a long weekend or a few weeks at a time. Visitors to your exhibit area will immediately respond to requests for contact information if they can quickly and easily fill out the information on an iPad or other tablet. You can also use tablets or rented laptops to provide a virtual tour of your manufacturing facility, home office or other relevant site. Visitors love to give input, so consider creating an online survey that attendees can answer using the electronic devices you’ve included with your trade show display rentals. Do you have an online catalogue of your products or services? Set up an interactive kiosk where visitors can browse your catalogue and place their orders at the event.

Create An Active, Real Time Social Media Environment

Display your company blog on large television screens and encourage visitors to post their own comments. They’ll enjoy seeing their posts on the big screen and you’ll be increasing your links at the same time. Better yet, set up a Twitter account and create a custom hash tag that others can use to post their own tweet. You can invite guests to connect via LinkedIn, Facebook or any other social media. The traffic you’ll generate when using rented screens, tablets and projectors can keep things going long after you’ve sent your trade show display rentals back to the rental company.

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inTouchApp - a sales tool for your trade show marketing team

Posted on Thu, Feb 06, 2014

We have received a lot of feedback from our newsletter this week that clients are interested in learning more about our iPad application to help your sales team in the booth be more effective at trade show events.  Below is a video that describes the tool and the benefits that can be obtained. We are thinking about hosting a webinar on this in the very near future.  For a limited time - we are offering this service for a fee of about $8k for the basic service which includes a user license for up to 50 people and 1 GB custom branded content (skin) package.  In addition there is a $500 yearly license fee. Watch the video and give us some feedback on what you think!

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6 Tech Trends to Think about in Your Trade Show Marketing Program

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2013

As we wrap up the 2013 year - I am starting to think about all the new things that will be happening in 2014.  One of which is technology.  I am constantly amazed at how quickly we can get things done and how fast information is shared.  It is no different in the trade show world. You set up your booth, prospects attend the show, you gather information.  HOW you gather that information and WHAT you do with it is vital in the trade show process.  Here are some technology tips that can be applied to making your trade show program more successful from Alexis Caffrey, Website Magazine:

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