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CES 2018 is a wrap - take a look at all the creative trade show booths at this las vegas event

Posted on Thu, Jan 18, 2018

More than 3,900 exhibitors showcased world-changing technologies that spanned more than 2.75 million net square feet of exhibit space across Las Vegas - the largest show floor in CES' 51 year history.   There were 860,732 tweets about CES 2018 and 450,554 uses of the #CES2018 hashtag.  From major international brands to the more than 900 startups participating in Eureka Park, CES 2018 truly reflected the vibrant global tech industry.

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Three ways to get strategic with your trade shows in 2018

Posted on Tue, Jan 16, 2018

With the start of the new year, trade show and event planners most likely already have their calendars and plans in place. But it pays to review your show schedule to get strategic about every show. To do so, you will need to plan in light of your overall business and marketing objectives, the experience you offer to visitors, the specific requirements of each event, and how technology can help you create a lasting impression.

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CES 2018: guide to surviving tech’s biggest trade show

Posted on Thu, Jan 11, 2018

We just got back from CES 2018 - and it was overwhelming!  The rain and the blackouts did not help - but the trade show booths and the technology within them was outstanding!  I found this article from Dean Takahashi that contains come good survival tips for walking the CES show in Las Vegas - so ENJOY and give us feedback on your thoughts.  We will be posting a VIDEO of all the cool trade show exhibits we saw at the show next week!

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6 Reasons You’re Not Successful at Trade Shows

Posted on Tue, Jan 09, 2018

It’s a hard truth: most exhibitors aren’t as successful as they could be. Do they realize they’re setting themselves up to fail? Probably not.  The irony is that almost every single exhibitor could easily improve their results by ditching one or more of the following bad habits and strategies. Hopefully you don’t see yourself in these examples, but in case you do … now is the time to make a lasting change!

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How to Be Persistent in Sales Without Annoying Your Prospects

Posted on Thu, Jan 04, 2018

So you've done the preliminary research on a prospect and it looks like you could really help their company. Next step? Get them on the phone.

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If you're Heading to CES you need the Las Vegas Visitors guide

Posted on Tue, Dec 26, 2017

The Official Las Vegas Visitors Guide

 Chances are, planning your big trip to Las Vegas started with some Google searches.

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New Blog and White Paper Series to Highlight Effective Trade Show Marketing

Posted on Thu, Dec 21, 2017

Chicago – The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group is launching a new weekly blog series in 2018 with tips and expert advice for trade show managers and marketers, focused on effective selling in and out of the booth space. The Chicago-based exhibit firm will also be publishing quarterly white papers, which will provide in-depth information on how to maximize the returns on trade show sales efforts and exhibit investments.

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How to Get People to Actually Listen to You

Posted on Tue, Dec 19, 2017

By now, you may have heard of a musical called Hamilton.  In you haven’t, here’s a rundown: Since its Broadway debut in August 2015, people can't get enough of it. They're paying upwards of $500 for crappy seats, and close to $3,000 for good ones. It won a Pulitzer, a Grammy and 11 Tony Awards. Its composer and original star, Lin-Manuel Miranda, is now a celebrity.  In other words: People are listening to this stuff.  Seeing the way Hamilton captivated such massive audiences -- in less than a year -- fascinates me. How the heck did this thing blow up?

Watching the progress and near-instant success of Hamilton is really a lesson in why people listen -- not just to a hit musical, but to a person, a podcast, or anything, really. A lot can be learned by looking into those reasons, especially for marketers. To what and whom do people listen? Why? And how can we get them to listen to us? 

To answer those questions, we did some research on the listening process, our motivations for listening, and more.

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Posted on Thu, Dec 14, 2017

This article was posted in 2011 - but this week I have received two requests to help companies find a new home for an older used booth - so I am reposting this blog with some suggestions.   If you have a trade show display that’s been sitting in inventory for a while or you’re planning a brand makeover that requires a brand new exhibit, consider your options for recouping part of your investment.  If your exhibit isn’t too worn to refurbish or too heavy for shipping, consider selling your booth or trading it in for a new exhibit.  If it’s beyond its usefulness in an exhibit setting, you may find a local charity that would be happy to receive it as a donation and repurpose it.  Following are a few tips gleaned from our experience in the trade show exhibit business.

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Reframing for 2018

Posted on Tue, Dec 12, 2017

As 2017 winds down, you’ll likely begin focusing on what to do to kick off the new year and set yourself and your team up for success. But too often, that means big things in January that dwindle as the year goes on.  Don’t let this happen to you! It is possible to create an atmosphere of ongoing successes and wins. Here are a few key strategies to help you do that with your trade show marketing program.

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