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The 15 Types of People You’ll Meet at a Conference

Posted on Thu, Oct 13, 2016

This blog is hilarious if nothing else.  It shows you the different types of people that you can meet in your trade show booth during a event.  It is SO TRUE!  So when you are working your next booth - make sure to qualify your prospect and determine if they are the right candidate for your product or solution.  Remember these images and and quickly try to determine if you should be focused and spending your quality time talking to this prospect - or just thank them for stopping by and move on to the next person.  Remember - your job is to collect qualified candidates from the trade show to help grow your company's bottom line!  
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18 Sales Qualification Questions to Identify Prospects Worth Pursuing

Posted on Thu, Jun 23, 2016

Not every lead is a good fit for a product or service -- no matter how strongly a salesperson believes they are (or wants them to be). Buyers don't buy just because they have a serious need, a looming deadline, or money to burn. They buy because of a combination of all of these factors, and more.  During the qualification call, salespeople can't simply focus on establishing a fit on one of these criteria. They have to establish a fit on all the relevant factors. While the specific sales qualification questions a rep asks will depend on the product or service they sell, here are 18 solid conversation starters that can help you recognize who's a successful customer in the making, and who's barking up the wrong tree.

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How To Promote Your Event Through Twitter Competitions

Posted on Tue, May 03, 2016

Twitter is jam-packed with social media contests run by businesses from various industries – and it’s not surprising why. The social network makes it easy for companies to communicate with their target audience while contests, on the other hand, have been proven to be an effective method for increasing followers and driving targeted traffic to various offers. If you’re an event professional who wants to harness the power of Twitter and social media contests for furthering your career and promoting events funded by clients, this guide will walk you through the 10 steps necessary for planning, preparing, and promoting a successful Twitter competition.

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5 Effective Sales Prospecting Techniques You Should Be Using

Posted on Tue, Nov 17, 2015

I am actually making it SIX - the last one being - exhibit at a trade show event!  But this is a great article with some information you as a sales person can use.  Though many salespeople despise prospecting, it’s an important part of sales. Unfortunately, the majority of reps use ineffective and outdated sales prospecting techniques, instead of the effective practices that could actually lead to a higher volume of better qualified leads (and make them more partial to prospecting). Just like every other aspect of the sales process, you need to put in the effort and focus required. This is the only way to prospect efficiently so that you don’t waste your time on unqualified leads that aren't suited for your product or service. Use these five modern sales prospecting techniques to help you better find leads who you can serve, engage, and eventually, convert to customers.

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