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Emergency Trade Show Booth Items you should have on hand!

Posted on Thu, May 14, 2015

We have all been there: we are at a trade show event and all of a sudden we need something unexpected. At a show venue, a hardware store or supply store is NOT right around the corner and usually is a taxi drive away. So for those unexpected situations that can occur at trade shows – whether the exhibit frame got damaged, someone spilled a drink on your floor, or you don't have enough office supplies at the show – make sure you have the following items with you to be prepared for the unexpected. No matter how prepared you are for the event, glitches can easily occur and derail your trade show success. Instead of waiting for these problems to happen, be proactive and have these items available in case of emergency. 

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How to Profit from Due Diligence on Trade Show Planning and Budgeting

Posted on Tue, Mar 17, 2015

Exhibiting at trade shows is a big investment of time, effort and money. It needs to pay off in measurable results.  What makes trade shows so appealing as a marketing tool is the ability to conduct face-to-face marketing, to design a display that reflects well on your brand image and to staff your exhibit with your best representatives. Where else can you find so many potential customers in person in one place?

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Incorporating Wearable Technology in Your Booth Engagement Strategy

Posted on Thu, Mar 05, 2015

One of the biggest stories at CES last month was the throng of wrist wearables on display. While some experts are not convinced that wearable technology will take over the technological world, there are many people who are jumping on the wearable bandwagon. So, how can you incorporate this technology when you develop your booth engagement strategy? 

First, consider what the pull is for having a wrist wearable.  The idea is to have a ton of tech available to stay in touch with what is going on around you, including emails and calls coming in from your smartphone.

It is about having information right at your fingertips, literally.  E-mails can be sent and verified by attendees with the wearable. When the attendee verifies the e-mail, this can be a new engagement point for your booth staff.

Second, keep in mind that your attendee receives instantaneous push notifications via wrist wearables. If you are able to have geo targeted push notifications, you can be sure attendees with wearable technology are immediately ‘in the know’, and probably in the same general location, when they receive the notification.

This technology can help drive attendee behavior, such as engaging with your demo or stopping in for a lecture.

Lastly, don’t forget that the wearable only works with the link to the attendees’ smartphones.  What does this mean for you?  It means you don’t want to focus on the wearable and ignore the smartphone engagement.

Helping the attendee engage with your company and your booth should include all facets of the technology.  So, don’t miss the opportunities that come with smartphone communication just because you are adding in the wrist wearable.

While there is no clear cut conclusion if wearable technology is a fad or not, incorporating it in your strategy gets you on the wrist of your attendees.

Guest Blogger- Lisa Apolinski - See more at: 

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GPS Your Exhibit Marketing Workshop - it's free!

Posted on Thu, Nov 20, 2014

You’ve been plugging away at your exhibit marketing … you’ve been pushed and prodded to improve on current results and you’re exhausted. Or you’re not getting the results you desire because you’re on autopilot — relying on doing things the way you’ve always done in the past. I get it! You’re spread far too thin — with budget, time & resources — and you feel like you’re constantly falling behind, trying so hard to keep up with the logistics of exhibiting that you miss the strategies which can increase your results dramatically. But before you throw up your hands in frustration, what if you could get a strategic roadmap together for future shows … and the only cost is an hour of your time? That’s exactly what you’ll learn to create in the “GPS Your Exhibit Marketing” workshop! 

When you set out on a long-distance road trip to a place you’ve never been before, odds are you don’t just jump behind the wheel and start driving. Instead, you probably study a map or program your destination into your GPS System. So why not let me help you create a GPS to guide you in your exhibit marketing for the coming year?

Why can’t everyone see the path to success? There are two primary reasons:
  • Too busy focused on logistics vs. strategy – By the time you get all the details handled (booking space, purchasing your display, making necessary travel arrangements, etc.), there’s no time or energy left to think about your promotions or staffing strategies.
  • Outside the current range of view – The solution might be something so innovative and new that it can’t be recognized without an outside perspective.
You’ll come away from the workshop with systems and tools to help you:
  • Set goals and select shows that align with them
  • Project a budget that maximizes ROI
  • Evaluate your booth display and select the appropriate vendor
  • Select, educate, reward and inspire your staff
  • Team up with show management to increase visibility
  • Plus … a Strategic Planning Guide that provides a roadmap for your exhibit marketing
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Are Trade Show Events Beneficial?

Posted on Thu, Sep 11, 2014

I recently had a client tell me that his upper management team was thinking about pulling out of trade shows because they were not beneficial.  They have been attending shows for 2 years and feel that they have not obtained their return on investment of their booth and show space.  What we found out is that their average sale is about $100k - so ONE sale would absolutely make any trade show event a great deal (they currently obtain a 10x20 space at the events).  So my response to his question was the following advice: 

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Maximizing Your Trade Show Exhibit Dollars

Posted on Mon, May 05, 2014

No matter how large or small your business, rentals and refurbished exhibits can help you make a much larger impact at trade shows at a reduced price. Using either option can significantly enhance your image depending upon your current exhibit design. When approached the right way, rentals and refurbished properties can make your company’s trade show presence that much better.

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What Exhibitors Can Learn About Budgets from Reality TV

Posted on Thu, Jan 09, 2014

I have to confess … I enjoy watching remodeling shows on HGTV. One of those shows, Property Brothers, features families who purchase a fixer-upper with help from the realtor brother, then the handyman brother comes in and remodels it into the home of their dreams. On a recent episode, a newlywed couple had budgeted $85,000 for renovating the entire first floor of their new place. They had a plan all mapped out, but it soon went sideways. While tearing down walls, they discovered asbestos inside one (Cha-ching! $2000), a major plumbing problem inside another (Cha-ching! $1500), and no insulation in the exterior walls (Cha-ching! $1200). Suddenly they had to make decisions on what to cut in order to stay within their budget.

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6 Tech Trends to Think about in Your Trade Show Marketing Program

Posted on Tue, Dec 17, 2013

As we wrap up the 2013 year - I am starting to think about all the new things that will be happening in 2014.  One of which is technology.  I am constantly amazed at how quickly we can get things done and how fast information is shared.  It is no different in the trade show world. You set up your booth, prospects attend the show, you gather information.  HOW you gather that information and WHAT you do with it is vital in the trade show process.  Here are some technology tips that can be applied to making your trade show program more successful from Alexis Caffrey, Website Magazine:

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Trade Show Exhibit Best Practices for Logistics

Posted on Thu, Aug 22, 2013

In the Exhibition Logistics Trends & Best Practices Study - the survey asked both show managers and exhibitors a number of questions on key trends and how to improve the logistics, freight shipping and material handling process. Below are some of the common themes based on verbatim answers grouped into suggestions and recommendations.

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Do All Trade Show Booth Staffers Need Continuing Education?

Posted on Thu, May 02, 2013

I have heard this so many times – it makes me want to scream.“Our staffers have been involved with our trade show booth for years and know what they are doing."  Think about it. What profession graduates its members and never includes educational updating? Yet, when it comes to sales and communications, particularly in face-to-face situations like an exhibition, continuing education is made to sound more like a punishment than a perk.

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