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Modular LED Tiles

LEDskin is an innovative system for building LED walls quickly, easily and with minimal footprint. With integrated LED video walls, an extra dimension has been added to the original frame system!


Design your structure with light weight easy to assemble frames. Unique designs and full walls are quick to set up with minimal footprint! Place the 3.1mm LED tiles anywhere in the framework for enhanced booth appearance or build full video walls to wow the crowd.


Build LED tiles right in to your design! Tiles lay flush with existing framework and cables are easily wired through existing holes!


Reap the rewards of integrated video graphics attracting prospects into your booth!

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Big Impact. Bigger Results.

LED Video Walls

Creating the Unforgettable.

NEC’s Ultra-Narrow Professional-Grade Large-Screen Display Rental

  • Industrial-Strength
  • True HD Resolution
  • Limitless configurations
  • 46" or 55" monitor options with barely there bezels
  • Lightweight, Less Depth and Easier Setup than past generations

Mounting Solutions

Our traditional mounting solutions are portrait, landscape, back to back, flown, ground supported and rolling stands. If you have a special request or idea, let us know and we'll make it happen!

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Freestanding, 4k, Touch Screen Displays

Portable Kiosks

4K Digital Kiosks

LEDskin is an innovative system for building LED walls quickly, easily and with minimal footprint. With integrated LED video walls, an extra dimension has been added to the original frame system!


Sleek Design

The kiosk design is impeccably made. Measuring in at a mere 1.6″ in depth, not only will you attract all audiences, but you will also save on floor space!


Full 4K Resolution

This kiosk doesn’t stop with a quality build, sleek look, and modern design. The ultra-high definition display will leave viewers of your content in awe!!


Touch Capabilities

The optional IR Touch Sensor has the capabilities of up to 10 points of simultaneous touch allowing the user to have an individualized experience.


Built in Media Player

Play and Loop video files including .MP4, .MPG, .AVI, .MOV and more with a built in media player, which is located in the rear of the kiosk with access through a safe, lockable door.

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Your Message is perfectly clear

Transparent Displays

The Game Changer.

The integrated transparent display allows the user to see through the digital screen like a piece of glass letting the user to experience the product with unique content drive at the forefront.

  • Full HD Transparent Display
  • 10-Point IR Touch Option
  • Landscape and Portrait Options
  • USB Media Playback
  • Auto Loop via USB
  • Digital Inputs including HDMI
  • Integrated Audio

Crystal Clear.

The Innovate Transparent Series is a brand-new type of solution, which makes it possible to achieve transparency without a backlight. The 55” Transparent OLED consists of self-emitting diodes which can operate in any inside environment. Without the need of a backlight or showcase, the Innovate Transparent see-through OLED screen can be placed in the middle of a room or integrated into a wall creating a UNIQUE customer experience!

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Touch Screens

Experience. Experience. EXPERIENCE. Its all about the user experience at events in today’s digital world. Digital Messaging with captivating content is a necessity but its still not enough. Take the next step to create engaging content for the audience: add an interactive element and truly set your event apart with an enhanced user experience.

Make it Interactive.

We offer a variety of touch screen solutions to draw
prospects into your booth:

  • Interactive Multi-Touch Display Rentals
  • Touch Video Wall Solutions
  • Innovate Touch Tables
  • Portrait Kiosk Rental Solutions

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