Tech ideas to make your trade show stand out

November 10, 2022

The application of technology in trade fairs has evolved as a result of numerous and impressive advancements, as well as exhibitors’ specific needs and preferences. Technology is now an essential component of trade shows. Currently, you require technology from the start of show enrollment to managing leads after the show and at every step along the way. You should include several trades shows items to increase traffic, entertain, and engage potential customers.

Make use of iPads, smartphones, and tablets

A trade show is a highly competitive market in which each exhibitor competes for the valued attention of prospective consumers. That’s why it is critical to differentiate yourself. Using smartphones and tablets at your stand will help you do that. Your visitors can also view your webpage and relevant details about your product. Your staff can also photograph the business cards of those in your audience who are intrigued by your products. Rather than writing everything down, this could save you a lot of time.AV for Trade shows

Utilize video displays

During a trade fair, your employees may become overly involved in interacting with visitors, which is where video displays play a crucial role. Video displays allow you to communicate to all your guests by providing necessary details about your firm, products, and area of expertise. Ensure that the video exhibits are placed strategically so that every guest in your trade show can see them clearly. This gives your audience the perception of expertise and can ensure that your visitors are satisfied.

Install a charging station

Although mobile phones are indispensable in our daily lives, their batteries are not long-lasting. As a result, having a charging point at your trade show can help you attract more visitors. Even those not keen on your brand can look around and learn more about it. Even better, they can change their minds while their phones charge. If you’re having trouble with your trade show and exhibit design, there are companies online that rent and custom-build exhibits that are both professional and appealing.

Make use of social media

It would be best if social media were at the top of your list of exhibit marketing campaigns. Trade shows are packed with people from all over the world, each with a smartphone and possibly checking social media once or twice throughout the day. Examine the trade show’s social media site pages and announce your attendance. For example, you can decide to make use of hashtags on Instagram and Twitter to ensure that invitees can quickly locate you. Post fresh and relevant content on your internet sites regularly, and respond to any questions. You may also use social media marketing for advertising your product or service and even announcing a prize at your stand.

Do not overlook the numerous social media options available to assist you in making the most of the trade fair. Nevertheless, not all platforms are ideal for your brand. As a result, you should be capable of adapting and modifying other ideas to integrate into your social media marketing plan. Never forget to establish and maintain a loyal customer base.

Create a podcast studio at your trade show

Consider setting up a live podcast studio at your booth, complete with camera operators and audio technicians. Audiences can listen to and watch interesting and helpful conversations in real-time. At the same moment, you can live-stream interview sessions to on-demand viewers or record them for later viewing. This extends the reach of your trade fair beyond the confines of the venue. Your podcast studio can also incorporate your company’s branding and logos.

Share your virtual reality experience

Incorporate virtual reality into your trade show booth to give your audience fully immersive expertise. Virtual reality material does not have to be as complicated as you believe. It could be as straightforward as a 360-video tour of your business premises, a finished project, or another planned occasion. Every year, it becomes easier to create VR content, but it remains one of the most distinct trade show concepts for attracting clients to your trade show and leaving them with a profound impact.

Use augmented reality demo products

Augmented reality incorporates the real and digital worlds, frequently projecting virtual elements in real-world settings. A 2019 Deloitte study found that 55% of shoppers believe AR makes purchasing more exciting, and 40% are willing to pay more if they can test an item using AR. There are some fantastic trade shows and event applications. Allowing your audience to interact with your product or content leaves a lasting impression than simply showing them 2D photos or slides.

It’s also ideal for product demonstrations, where you can’t bring your product into your trade fair or test it on the site. Some furniture, car, and medical technology firms have recently used augmented reality (AR) to immerse prospective consumers in their brands and product.

Make your trade show more exciting by using a game show

Gamification is an excellent way to get individuals excited about coming to your trade show. There are numerous ways to gamify your trade fair and draw in your audiences, such as virtual prize wheels, social media contests, and gaming apps.

You can personalize the board by answering questions about your own company, industry, or event you’re attending. Guests can interact with the wall directly, or you can run a full game with timers, buzzers, and score keeping. Make sure to give out prizes to your finalists, and you’ll soon have a crowd gathered around your booth.

The pandemic spurred unprecedented innovation in the events and trade fair industries. But one thing remains constant. It’s just as crucial as ever to have a strategy for standing out among the larger, flashier booths. While you need pamphlets, signage, and brochures to enlighten new clients about your business, don’t expect to make a significant impact with those boring marketing staples. Embracing cool technological attributes into your trade show will portray you as a key industry player. It will assist you in remaining in people’s minds after they leave the convention hall.

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