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10 Tips for Getting Your Paper Accepted at a Conference

Posted on Thu, Aug 29, 2019

One of the most effective ways to promote a new idea, product or service is to hit the conference circuit and explain the idea to a live audience. Whether you have an original product or exceptional knowledge of a popular topic, the conference circuit could be the perfect platform to get your message across to a larger audience.

In order to get a presentation slot at a conference, you need to first make an appeal to the organizers. Long in advance of such events, you must submit a conference paper in a format that conveys the essence of your presentation. Here is how to do it.

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Can We Keep Guns Out of Meetings?

Posted on Thu, Aug 08, 2019

Scene: The Los Angeles Convention Center in downtown L.A., where a conference on international law is underway. Judges from all over the world are among the attendees. A woman approaches the registration desk to buy a pass for the day's program. No alarm bells go off: Her demeanor is professional; she is well-dressed and carrying a briefcase. On-site registrations are not unusual for this event.  But soon her behavior becomes suspect: She is asking a lot of questions and seems overly interested in the identities of the other attendees, especially those in the judiciary. The registration staff calls security, and the would-be delegate starts to get unnerved.    Then it unravels: Security finds a loaded gun in her briefcase. Her intent was to kill one of the judges inside, according to a meetings industry consultant who was present. Police arrive and the would-be assailant is quickly arrested.

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Your First Trade Show......

Posted on Tue, Jun 25, 2019

Your company has asked you to be their representative at a trade show event - you are feeling relaxed and confident. Before you hit the floor running tomorrow morning, there are key pieces of information you may have overlooked. Use this as a guide to help prepare to be an exhibitor or to attend the show like a pro.

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6 Reasons You’re Not Successful at Trade Shows

Posted on Tue, Jan 09, 2018

It’s a hard truth: most exhibitors aren’t as successful as they could be. Do they realize they’re setting themselves up to fail? Probably not.  The irony is that almost every single exhibitor could easily improve their results by ditching one or more of the following bad habits and strategies. Hopefully you don’t see yourself in these examples, but in case you do … now is the time to make a lasting change!

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Millionaire Math: 13 Ways to Make a Million Dollars

Posted on Thu, Sep 14, 2017

The biggest mistake people make that gets in the way of their own success is thinking that becoming a millionaire is impossible. They simply don’t think it can happen. But it can. So you want to be a millionaire? Good. The first step is simply deciding on your goal. Your second step is to do the math. Did you know that most people will produce or be in contact with a million dollars in their lifetime? If you earn $50,000 a year for twenty years, you earn one million dollars.

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How to Overcome the #1 Objection in Sales

Posted on Thu, Apr 06, 2017

Even working in your trade show booth the sales person believes the number one sales objection is price, but I completely disagree. Prospects typically voice the price objection during or after your first meeting with them. The number one objection usually occurs before you even get your first meeting, and it comes up a lot more often.A salesperson describes what they sell and the prospect responds with something like, “We already get that from vendor X and we’re happy with them.”

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8 Hot Event-Planning Buzzwords of 2017

Posted on Tue, Apr 04, 2017

Each year brings a new collection of buzzwords. These words usually indicate bigger trends and are often interrelated. Predictably, big trends impact all industries—including event planning - even in your booth at a trade show event!  These are some of the hottest event-planning buzzwords of 2017.

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6 Signs Throughout the Sales Process Your Prospect Isn't Serious

Posted on Tue, Jan 10, 2017

On average, how many of your deals end in “no decision”? According to CSO Insight’s’ 2016 survey of 675 companies, 23.8% of forecast deals wind up in this category.  There are several potential reasons for this outcome.  First, an internal event beyond your control occurred at the prospect’s company: Your point of contact left her job, the company changed direction, there was an unexpected budget problem, and so on.  Second, you didn’t create enough urgency. The prospect has a legitimate challenge, but you didn’t reveal the immediate and significant costs of inaction.  Third, the prospect wasn’t a good fit. Your product didn’t answer all of their needs or add significant value to their life.  Fourth, the prospect never intended to buy in the first place. Some prospects talk to salespeople knowing they’re not ready or in the right position to sign off on a purchase.

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100 Sales Questions to Truly Understand Your Prospects' Pain

Posted on Tue, Dec 27, 2016

At the heart of every sale is a thorough fact-find. You’ll want to unearth the needs, the wants, and the desires of your prospect so you can present your products and solutions in a way that will be of benefit to them. And the only way that you can do this is to ask quality questions so you can really find out what their current situation is, what their requirements are, and what they are looking to achieve.

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5 Reasons Why Prospects Don’t Buy From You

Posted on Thu, Nov 17, 2016

Every salesperson knows the pain of “the ones that got away.” Think of the prospects you just couldn’t set meetings with or get to talk to at a trade show event in your booth, no matter how hard you tried. Consider those who never purchased your product or service -- even after you poured time and energy into making the sale. It’s easy to remember exactly who these prospects were. But do you know why they got away?

In sales, it can be difficult to recognize the mistakes you’re making. Asking would-be customers for their comments rarely results in honest, helpful feedback on your sales approach. Fortunately, most customers decide not to buy from a salesperson for the same few reasons. Chances are, you’ve lost sales -- and prospects -- due to one of them.  It’s time to learn the five most common reasons why customers don’t buy from you. Once you understand the mistakes you’re making, you can finally start to dominate your competition in sales. Take a look:

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