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10 Common Event Planning Ethics & Etiquette Violations

Posted on Tue, Jul 30, 2019

If you’ve ever scoped out a Code of Ethics for professional event planners, you already know that there are a lot of issues worth keeping in mind no matter how much experience you have. But what you might not know is exactly what kind of gray area scenarios you can find yourself or your staff dealing with over time.  Here are the main ethical issues in event management you can expect to face at some point in your career – along with what to do if/when they happen! 

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24 Hours Isn't Enough? Here are 10 Ways to Find More Time in Your Day

Posted on Thu, Jul 11, 2019

Sometimes it seems like there is never enough time in the day to accomplish your goals. Here are a few tips that help me to squeeze just a little bit more time out of each day. There was a time not that long ago where it seemed like I worked nonstop but still felt like I hadn't accomplished anything. Even worse, I would look at the clock and exclaim, "Where did the day go?" I wished that there was a genie that could magically give me an extra hour or two.  Unless you're Aladdin, no genie will grant such a wish. Instead, you have to buckle down and discover clever ways to find more time in your day. Though it may sound impossible, you can find that time if you use these 10 tactics.

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Show services is an important part of the trade show booth

Posted on Thu, Sep 21, 2017

Having your booth taken good care of before, during, and after the show is an important part of the trade show experience.  You need to use your trade show display for several events - not just one - so make sure care is taken in putting it up, taking it down and having it shipped.  It is the simple things like adding blanket protectors in between each panel that can make a huge difference in how your booth looks when it is show time!  Here is a video of one our latest booths being taken down and packed.  Check out the love and care that we provide to our exhibitors inventory even our rental exhibits!

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Mastering the art of tradeshow marketing: Prepping and Planning

Posted on Tue, Apr 18, 2017

We’ve all heard of trade shows, and you may even frequent them for your business. But where do trade shows fall in the current world of inbound marketing? Have they grown with the changing times? And, more importantly, should your business be dedicating time to them? 

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Safety first at a trade show marketing event

Posted on Mon, Feb 03, 2014

I’ve been conducting training programs for a long time. I recently worked with a client whose focus on staff safety impressed me. Before my workshop began a complete set of instructions for the participants was issued around fire safety, escape routes and the location of portable defibrillators.  When companies walk the safety talk they have in effect created a safety culture which every employee lives and breathes.  But, what if there were an emergency at a trade show or in your booth. Would these same employees know what to do and where to go for help?

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What Exhibitors Can Learn About Budgets from Reality TV

Posted on Thu, Jan 09, 2014

I have to confess … I enjoy watching remodeling shows on HGTV. One of those shows, Property Brothers, features families who purchase a fixer-upper with help from the realtor brother, then the handyman brother comes in and remodels it into the home of their dreams. On a recent episode, a newlywed couple had budgeted $85,000 for renovating the entire first floor of their new place. They had a plan all mapped out, but it soon went sideways. While tearing down walls, they discovered asbestos inside one (Cha-ching! $2000), a major plumbing problem inside another (Cha-ching! $1500), and no insulation in the exterior walls (Cha-ching! $1200). Suddenly they had to make decisions on what to cut in order to stay within their budget.

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Trade Show Marketing Client Acquisition and Maintenance

Posted on Thu, Aug 08, 2013

What is the best method of finding new clients? What is the best way to maintain relationships with those clients we are already doing business with?   The first step is understanding there are three key ingredients people and organizations look for from the people they chose to business with; utility, credibility and relevance.

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Changes for Setting Up Trade Show Exhibits in Chicago

Posted on Wed, Feb 13, 2013

Basically, setting up your trade show booth in Chicago just got easier! This is a video courtesy of Christopher Price with GASC highlighting how trade show service regulations at McCormick Place in Chicago, Illinois have changed since BIO was last in Chicago in 2010. In 2013 BIO exhibitors will enjoy expanded exhibitor rights, expanded straight time hours, reduced crew sizes, and loading/unloading from their own personally operated vehicles. 

tradeshow services

We provide comprehensive trade show services, including exhibit design, exhibit installation and dismantle, trade show logistics, exhibit storage, exhibit management and trade show marketing services – all designed to help you make the most of your trade show schedule.

Trade Show Management Services

We provide all-inclusive trade show services or just the specific services you require. Our team manages hundreds of trade shows a year. No matter the size of your company, we treat you like our only account by assigning an account manager to you. Not only do you have direct contact with this person at the office, but also we provide cell phone numbers in case of emergency. After all, problems do come up after normal working hours and the show goes on!   

Online Inventory and Show Management

From communication to budgeting, every detail in the preparation of your events can be managed easily with our online resources for clients. You can order new products and services, review your show asset inventory, run budget reports, and track invoices – all accessible 24/7 and in real time. So whether you’re in the corporate office or on the road, our online management services give you greater control and help manage your expenses.


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Where did the trade show booth profit go?

Posted on Thu, Nov 01, 2012

Over the years, The Center for Exhibition Research (CEIR) has published some amazing work. Everyone involved in the exhibition industry ought to be a fan of this association.  Past CEIR publications have shown the value of face-to-face marketing as well as solid information that brings home the shortcomings of exhibitors with solutions to become more powerful.  One such recent research study, was entitled “Exhibitor Sales Lead Capture and Follow-up Practice Trends.”  The research was the result of interviews conducted in June 2012 with 198 exhibitors. The results highlight a problem that has plagued exhibitors for decades – how to get realizable and measurable results from the show investment.

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What I Wish I’d Known as a New Exhibitor

Posted on Tue, Aug 28, 2012

Because I’ve participated in more trade shows than I can remember (since shortly after college when I was a brand-new entrepreneur), it’s tough to even recall my very first experience. But there are definitely some rookie mistakes that I remember from those early years!

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