5 AI Applications for events

May 16, 2024

Artificial Intelligence (AI) technology is transforming every industry, allowing enterprises to enhance performance, improve productivity and gain insights from data. A recent study by analyst firm IDC found that 71% of survey respondents are using AI tools in their organizations, and 22% are planning to do so within the next 12 months. As more and more companies adopt AI technology, IDC expects worldwide spending on AI solutions to grow to more than $500 billion in 2027. The digital events technology sector is being transformed by AI. Event tech platforms are increasingly harnessing the power of AI to drive the success of events. From personalizing the event experience to optimizing content creation, AI integrated in digital event platform technology is enhancing attendee engagement and streamlining event processes. 
  1. Personalization trade show exhibits and ai

Choosing what sessions or workshops to attend at a live event, whether virtual or in-person, can be an overwhelming task. AI has the power to curate a personalized event journey, helping attendees more easily navigate these choices by providing agendas aligned with their professional needs and their individual preferences and interests. Tailored recommendations like this not only ensure that attendees don’t miss out on valuable sessions and activities but also create meaningful experiences that result in increased event participation and engagement. 

  1. Networking

Many people attend events for the opportunity to network. However, finding the right people to connect with among often thousands of event participants is challenging. An AI matchmaker makes this process seamless and accurate. AI can help attendees find and connect with other attendees who share similar interests and/or professional backgrounds. Using advanced algorithms, AI can quickly analyze vast amounts of attendee profile data to strategically match attendees, enabling networking opportunities that facilitate meaningful connections and enhance the overall event experience. 

  1. Marketing

Often, potential attendees like to get an idea of the content or style of an event before committing to attending or buying a ticket. The best way to provide this is by showing highlights of previous events. However, sorting through hours of event footage to put together a 30-second highlight reel is a huge task that many organizations may not have time for. Digital event platforms with an integrated AI engine can automate the process of identifying the most engaging snippets from an event, drastically limiting the amount of time spent selecting video snippets and images to create a highlight reel. Using AI to create a highlight reel like this helps increase interest in future events. 

  1. Translation

Today, virtual and hybrid events make it possible for people across the globe to attend. While these events can broaden event audiences, language barriers can often limit participation in meetings, conferences, webinars and other events where there may be attendees from different countries who speak different languages. Real-time, automated translation powered by AI tools can remove language barriers, making events more accessible to attendees from all over the world. 

AI uses contextual data to improve the accuracy of automated translations. The accuracy and quality of AI translation technology are improving daily and can be seamlessly integrated into digital event platforms to help event participants feel included and informed. 

  1. Content Creation

There is a great deal of content required for all events whether they are virtual, hybrid or in-person. Emails, promotional ads, session summaries, event registration pages and speaker bios are just some of the many pieces of content that must be written. AI software has long been used by marketers to write content for company blog posts, email blasts and website landing pages and can be integrated into event technology tools to optimize event content and reduce the amount of time marketers spend both drafting and editing. There is a caveat to using AI tools for content writing. While this technology can help generate content in a fraction of the time, human vetting and editing are needed to make sure content is accurate and on-brand before posting. 

Applications of AI are now being used in every industry including the digital event technology sector. Today, AI is driving transformation in digital event technology, helping create efficiencies and opening up opportunities for innovation in every facet of event planning, delivery, reporting and performance analysis.

Guest blogger:  As GlobalMeet’s CTO, Ken Roberts is at the helm of engineering, IT, development, sales engineering and product teams, spearheading the company’s software strategy with a trailblazing touch. He has more than two decades of experience leading design, development and integration of technology and digital roadmaps across dynamic environments.  https://tsnn.com/blog/5-ai-applications-events

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