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Posted on Thu, Jul 24, 2014

If you have a trade show display that’s been sitting in inventory for a while or you’re planning a brand makeover that requires a brand new exhibit, consider your options for recouping part of your investment.  If your exhibit isn’t too worn to refurbish or too heavy for shipping, consider selling your booth or trading it in for a new exhibit.  If it’s beyond its usefulness in an exhibit setting, you may find a local charity that would be happy to receive it as a donation and repurpose it.  Following are a few tips gleaned from our experience in the trade show exhibit business.

Sell your booth to a local buyer.

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"Countdown to Trade Show Success," a FREE webinar

Posted on Tue, Jul 22, 2014

We've teamed up with Classic Exhibits to host "Countdown to Trade Show Success," a FREE webinar with trade show marketing expert Marlys Arnold on August 7. Marlys will share simple steps you can take to significantly increase your exhibiting investment and help guarantee success. Reserve your free seat by clicking on this link:

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What Does An Exhibit Manager Do In The Summer?

Posted on Mon, Jul 14, 2014

It’s summer planning season for trade show managers.  The business cycle for many industries is such that summer is a slower time with fewer conferences on the calendar.  Of course, that doesn’t mean there’s nothing to do.  Whenever there’s an open window of time, some housekeeping and advance planning are in order.  We asked two trade show managers for their perspective on planning – and added a checklist of our own.

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Recording quality lead information in your trade show booth

Posted on Tue, Jul 08, 2014

With so many electronic methods of recording lead information you would think the old manual lead sheet should be showcased at the Smithsonian with a caption that reads, “The way we did it in the old days.”  The tendency has been to drop the manual method of recording lead information and replace it with one of a plethora of electronic methods including: tablets, Smartphone’s, kiosks, laptops and show related bar-code generated retrieval systems. Electronic systems are cool. Manual lead sheet are not. However, in some circumstances, there is a strong argument to consider recording lead information manually.

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Tips to turn trade show leads into hot prospects!

Posted on Tue, Jul 01, 2014

You spend weeks preparing for an all-important trade show, and sure enough, everything goes off without a hitch. Your snazzy new booth draws a lot of foot traffic, and your engagement activity brings in many promising leads. Your print, online and social media outreach campaigns wow some key prospects. And even your competitors marvel at your ability to make connections and relate to customer “pains.”  You have done everything to achieve an unqualified success — except follow through. About 80 percent of contacts made at trade shows are never contacted after the last booth is dismantled, and that cou ld represent a lot of lost business for you. Even more, “dropping the ball” on a hot lead sends a negative message about your ability to stay organized, engaged and focused — qualities that probably matter to the kinds of clients you want to attract. Where do you start?

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When Should You Rent a Trade Show Booth?

Posted on Thu, Jun 05, 2014

No matter how large or small your business, rentals and refurbished exhibits can help you make a much larger impact at trade shows at a reduced price. Using either option can significantly enhance your image depending upon your current exhibit design. When approached the right way, rentals and refurbished properties can make your company’s trade show presence that much better.  But there are several factors that need to be addressed to make the right decision for your company and your trade show marketing efforts. The first is how many times this booth will be used. Rule of thumb is - if you are going to use it more than three times in a year - you might think about purchasing. Additional factors to consider include:

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Thieves in broad daylight at trade show events

Posted on Tue, Jun 03, 2014

It seems that in our age of consumerism we have managed to accumulate more and more things for people to steal. This includes everything from identities, ideas, inventions and even inventories of things we need to keep our trade show booth alive. With all the worry about ensuring that our exhibit and peripherals arrive at the show on time, leaving security as a nice too item leaves you vulnerable to the whim of some unscrupulous person who sees something of value in an unmanned booth and takes it for his own.

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It is a 96 Billion Dollar Industry - are you getting your share?

Posted on Tue, May 27, 2014

The trade show business is a 96 billion dollar industry - everything from convention centers to the trade show booth and space.  Someone must be doing something right if this industry continues to grow.  If you are not using face to face trade show events to generate leads for your business, you might want to think about adding this type of marketing tool to your overall business plan.  CEIR says that 86% of trade show attendees will be new prospects for you with a less costly return on investment if they close.  Something to think about!

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Trade Show Displays At The NRA Show 2014

Posted on Wed, May 21, 2014

As usual the NRA show was a blast.  Every year, over the course of four days, more than 1,800 suppliers and tens of thousands of buyers come together to make lasting connections that drive business profitability and shape the future of the restaurant, foodservice and hospitality industry.  This year we had several clients at this show ranging from 10x20 inline booths to large island rental exhibits.  Everyone one said that the show was success.  Click here to watch our video on the exhibits that we saw and loved!

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Changes to our Exhibit Design Search Tool

Posted on Thu, May 08, 2014

Exhibit Design Search (EDS) is a comprehensive trade show display database and search tool. There’s nothing even remotely close anywhere in the world. With EDS, you can select from over 1500 designs, ranging from banner stands to 50’ x 50’ Islands, to find the perfect display for your budget and your marketing objectives. But EDS is much more than just a database of exhibit designs. You’ll find over 40 articles about trade show marketing, tips on installation, cord management, freight, over 2000 exhibit photos, exhibit specials, and Frequently Asked Questions about products and services.  Here are the major changes.

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