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Trade Show Display Marketing Tips and Advice

6 Colorful Trade Show Displays for Design Inspiration

Posted on Wed, May 25, 2016

The majority of booth designs are monochromatic with either black or white components - for good reason.  It’s a classic look and when you’re renting from a show or an exhibit house you have to work with what they have in stock. Keeping the color scheme simple can also be a good strategy for attracting attendees to your booth. It’s true that less is more, a booth space shouldn’t feel crowded, it should be open and inviting and every component should serve a purpose.

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Relationships DO Matter Most: Ten Questions to Ask of a Potential Exhibit Partner

Posted on Wed, May 11, 2016

Whether you are considering becoming an exhibitor at a trade show event, hosting your own type of customer event, or holding a mobile customer tour, face-to-face interactions provide significant business benefits. At its core, face-to-face engagement creates a personal connection and builds trust between a company and its target audience. Giving a warm handshake, carrying on an engaging conversation, and getting to know customers and prospects on an individual level can help form stronger, more meaningful, and more profitable business relationships.  That is why, when you are looking for an exhibit house to assist you, it is important to do the due diligence of finding the right partner for you and your needs.  Researching on the internet can start the process, but a face-to-face meeting is a must.

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Bling your trade show display!

Posted on Tue, May 10, 2016

Our big spring trade show exhibit season will be wrapping up at the end of this month - now is the time to ramp up for the fall season of trade show events.  Here is a fun list of simple things to think about as you are reflecting on this years program and what to do next that will provide you some extra "BLING" and "ZING" to your trade show marketing program:

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15 Ways to Respond to the "It's Not a Good Time to Buy" Objection

Posted on Thu, May 05, 2016

You’ve been speaking with a prospect for a while in your trade show booth. You’ve got a sense of their goals and their pain, and it seems like your offering is a great fit for their business.  You’re all ready to set a date for a product walkthrough or start discussing contract terms, but then your prospect says something that stops you in your tracks. “Can we talk about this next quarter? It’s just not a good time for us to buy right now.”  Great. Not only is this a deal you had in your pipeline, but you’ve also sunk a significant amount of time working with your prospect. And now they’re not going to buy?

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How To Promote Your Event Through Twitter Competitions

Posted on Tue, May 03, 2016

Twitter is jam-packed with social media contests run by businesses from various industries – and it’s not surprising why. The social network makes it easy for companies to communicate with their target audience while contests, on the other hand, have been proven to be an effective method for increasing followers and driving targeted traffic to various offers. If you’re an event professional who wants to harness the power of Twitter and social media contests for furthering your career and promoting events funded by clients, this guide will walk you through the 10 steps necessary for planning, preparing, and promoting a successful Twitter competition.

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10 Traits of Stellar Sales Teams

Posted on Thu, Apr 28, 2016

At a trade show event the people that are in your booth are the people that will be representing your company at a show.  A successful, motivated, and engaged sales team is gold -- if you can build one. Every sales leader dreams of managing a dream team of sales superstars who will elevate their business. Below are the 10 habits your people should possess in order to produce consistently successful results.

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Chicago Rental exhibits from the Housewares Show 2016

Posted on Tue, Apr 26, 2016

The annual conference of the International Home + Housewares Show was held in Chicago last month,  and the Chicago-based Tradeshow Network Marketing Group was there with some exhibit designs. The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group maintains an extensive inventory of rental exhibits and trade show displays in its warehouse in the Chicago suburbs, where it serves exhibitors both locally and nationally, and customizes each rental exhibit to the customer’s needs. Rental exhibits may range in size from standard 20 x 20 trade show displaysto as large as 50 x 100 feet in any configuration, whether in-line, island or corner.

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A device that notifies you that a good prospect is in your booth - who wants that?!?!?!

Posted on Thu, Apr 21, 2016

Image you are in your booth talking to a prospect that you know is a cold lead -  right now they are just fishing for information when kazaam - a hot prospect walks into your booth!  How do you know it is a hot prospect?  Your phone told you based on the visitor profile that you reviewed prior to the show.  Introducing the SmartTrac by Hubvents.

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Posted on Tue, Apr 19, 2016

The event industry is in a constant state of evolution and as such, pioneering strategies and concepts that are as successful as they are original is no easy task. The past few years has seen the rise—and proliferation—of social media and new tech tools, increased attention paid to engagement and new market segments, eco-friendly measures and sustainability, and bigger demands from event sponsors. Here are the trends event marketers are looking at right now.
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Hot Trade Show Graphic Colors for 2015

Posted on Wed, Apr 13, 2016

It’s an obvious choice to utilize a company color scheme in a trade show exhibit. We see a lot of black and white with [insert standard color here] all over. That’s an acceptable look and there’s a reason it’s so popular but why not take inspiration from fashion and interior design trends to give your exhibit an update? Being different is important in the crowded trade show environment and one way to catch eyes is through a unique color palette.

For the past fourteen years, Pantone (which dubs itself “the global authority on color”) has selected a “Color of the Year”. In December they announced Radiant Orchid (PMS 2352) as the color of the 2014 and it truly has lived up to that name. The fashion, wedding, graphic design and home improvement industries have all embraced the warm purple hue. Several retailers and publications have marketed the Radiant Orchid color family including Sephora, HGTV, Veer.com, and many more.

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