The benefits of an effective booth design

May 21, 2019

An effective trade booth design is one that represents a design that is able to deliver incorporated communication during the trade event. Exhibiting is a big investment when it comes to money and time. So, if you are planning on doing it, you should do it right. This means that you should think about every aspect, from what the exhibition stand will look like, to how to set it up, and even how to sell to customers when they are at your booth. Here, you can see how to set up and sell on your booth, as well as the ways to make sure that you stand will be the one that people remember the most.

Tips on setting your booth for a show

Setting up a stand for success is important to make the most of the opportunity. Here are a few things to keep in mind:

  1. Connect with the organizers – on the day of the setup, introduce yourself to the organizers and have questions beverageboothprepared, ready to ask them. This will ensure that they know who you are and it will most likely help if you are in need of any assistance while setting the booth up.
  2. Organize seating – think about how long the exhibition attendees will have to spend standing. You could need a small table and chairs for the visitors to sit during the meeting and presentations.
  3. Know your timing – most exhibitions have a cut-off time when the show starts, as well as the peak times when attendees will arrive and when it will be quiet. Ask the organizers and previous exhibitors for this schedule.
  4. Encourage social sharing – enhance your booth beyond the ground by adding the element that will improve social sharing. This could be anything so, be creative.

How to stand out during a show – advertising ideas

Here are some ideas of how you can stand out during a trade show:

  1. Offer a giveaway – everyone loves free things, promoting a giveaway on your stand increases the customer traffic. Giveaway are highly visual, like goody bags, they will most certainly help attract more visitors to your stand.
  2. Launch a product – If you have a new product, use this launch to stand out from the crowd during the event. Industry press is often sent to cover the event at the show and may feature your product in trade show-related coverage's.

Setting up your trade show table display

The necessary items to buy for your booth can be difficult to know. Often, any hired furniture will arrive plain, so you might want to add a few other elements to make it a bit more interesting for visitors. Here are some things to keep in mind:

  1. Less is more – In case there isn’t enough space, you need a few items as possible
  2. Save space with stand-up banners – You can use roller banners to display details about your brand without the need to have printed brochures, which could take a lot of space. Banners can also be used to hide items that you do not want people to see,
  3. Hideaway personal items – nothing makes a trade show booth look messier than personal items like keys, phones, and wallets on the table. Always try to hide away these things in order to look professional and tidy.


A trade show event and a stand is a good chance to show your brand creativity. Even if the budget is tight, you could make a big impact with colors, lights, and a few decorations pieces that you might borrow from your home! With some simple planning, you can create the perfect exhibition stand design to connect with your customer and get people buying and talking about your brand.

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