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April 03, 2018

Our Exhibit Design Search has been modified to make it easier for you to find that PERFECT trade show display for your next show!  Select from over 1400 designs, ranging from banner stands to 50’ x 50’ Islands. You're sure to find the right display for your budget and marketing goals.  In EDS, discover over 80 articles about trade show marketing, 5000+ exhibit photos, videos, exhibit specials, and Frequently Asked Questions.  Here are the changes that were made:

Modification #1

Exhibit Design Search

This one is BIG. About three weeks ago, we reorganized five galleries from product-eccentric to functional galleries. In hindsight, we should have done it before. It took a few weeks to make the switch since it required shifting hundreds of kits to new galleries. In short, the new galleries are more logical. Now there are the following:

Same kits. Same information. Just reorganized to make it easier to find the ideal design.

Modification #2

Exhibit Design Search -- Rental Feature

Several months ago, we expanded our rental design offerings, adding over 200 new kits — inlines, islands, and accessories. At the same time, we added a price comparison feature making it easier to compare rentals and purchases.   However, the additional kits made the Rental Gallery somewhat overwhelming, so we split them into two galleries — islands and inlines. There are now three Rental Galleries in EDS:

Modification #3

Advanced Exhibit Design Search

The Advanced Search feature in EDS can make your life much easier when narrowing down the perfect designs for your clients.  With all the gallery changes, we had to decide whether to keep the product search functionality or migrate to the new search options.   I encourage you to explore the Advance Search feature, using it to search select galleries, conduct text-related searches, or drill-down to very specific design options such as a “lightbox with shelves.” No, it’s not Google good, but it’s still pretty darn impressive.

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