Capturing a Century of History in a Trade Show Collateral Piece

May 04, 2011

ARB brochure

The goal of this brochure was to capture the essence of how the American Roller Bearing Company has evolved over the past 100 years. This tri-fold brochure was created to commemorate this great achievement. Each page brings you through the history of American Roller Bearing.

When developing the brochure the client wanted to make sure when it was opened you could immediately get the sense of what time period each page represented. I started off using all sepia tone photos for the 1911-1930’s period and then transitioned for the 1940’s-1970’s to black and white images. Finally the last page and gatefold represented the 1980’s- present, which had full color images.

It was also important for the client to include a timeline of their great achievements and information over the past 100 years.

The brochure will be given to clients and handed out at trade shows American Roller Bearing attends. Part of American’s trade show exhibit is dedicated to the celebration of their 100 Year Anniversary. This brochure will serve as perfect trade show collateral for those interested in learning more about the company. It will help them get a better understanding of how long American Roller Bearing has been around and how the company has played an important role throughout the last century.

This is just one example of a trade show marketing piece that has been developed for our clients.  View our website for additional ideas in trade show collateral including advertisements, direct mail pieces, websites, and brochures.



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