Your trade show display = Your marketing tool

June 09, 2016

Marketing is a term that is often confused with advertising, promotions, publicity, branding, and selling. In fact, marketing can be all of those activities and more that are aimed at helping a business grow. The basic idea of marketing is to create awareness and interest in a company’s products or services. The modern consumer is time-stricken but savvy, with the means to acquire information easily at the touch of computer button or at a trade show event – in your booth.  Internet-Marketing-Tools3-620x350.jpg

The job of both the event manager and the booth designer is to create the exhibit with marketing to your audience in mind.  A marketing-driven trade show booth can get them to see your brand by improving how you communicate to them!  This
means you need to know who your best prospects are, what product answers their needs, how you can provide the product, and how it can benefit them.  In a booth setting, the marketing messages needs to be simple, quick and to the point representing how your company is valuable to them. 

Overall you need to design your booth for functionality, which is driven by your marketing objectives.  The objectives of a company can vary widely, depending on the products or services they sell, where they are in the marketing lifecycle, their audience, and the sales process.  Your design can be geared to promote your brand, generate leads, sell through demonstration, presentation, or technology, or hand out samples for the touch and feel approach.  Whatever your marketing objectives, make sure that the basic functionality of your booth conveys them. 

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