What’s Best for You? Rent, Refurbish or Buy New - that next trade show display?

June 30, 2015

Whenever you get a lull in your trade show schedule, it’s a good time to evaluate whether your current display is up to the challenge of your upcoming show calendar. Often, summer is a slower time for exhibitors, with fewer conferences to attend, which is perfect for taking stock of your current exhibit properties and making long-term plans.

trade shows mean businessFor the trade show manager, investing in a new display may be one of the biggest decisions ahead. Fortunately, you’ll find options to suit your needs and your budget. Perhaps the most important decision is whether to rent an exhibit, refurbish an existing exhibit or buy a new custom display. If you take the time to consider the questions that follow, you’ll likely arrive at the best solution for you.

The pros and cons of renting vs. buying

No matter how large or small your business, rentals and refurbished exhibits can help you make a much larger impact at trade shows at a reduced price. Using either option can significantly enhance your image depending upon your current exhibit design. If your budget allows and you want to make your exhibit a perfect fit for your brand and your company, then investing in a new custom booth may be your best choice. After all, you can get exactly what you want. But keep in mind your entire show schedule – not just your largest show – when making plans.

How much space do you plan to use at different events and how will you use it?

How you use your booth space depends on a number of factors, including the importance of the show to your marketing plan, the size of your budget, the image you want to convey, the business activities you want to conduct, and even the parameters of the event. 

Some shows allow considerable latitude in what you can do in your exhibit space – everything from product demonstrations to food and beverage service to live entertainment. Other shows will not permit handouts of any kind. Do your homework when signing up for new shows so that you know whether you can display your business to its best advantage.

What is the importance of each show?  

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