What should a company brochure include?

October 28, 2021

Wondering why it is important to design a brochure for your company. Truth is with this tool you can market your products and services in a summarized and attractive way. Still, you can give your potential customers an in-depth view of your company.  Just like you want an outstanding company’s website as it holds all your business’ relevant information, a brochure holds the same information at a lower level.  Also, you need to make sure to hand in these brochures to the right people so it doesn’t end up in the bin.  That is the difference between a flyer and a brochure. A flyer is used to advertise a quick promotion, promote an event or inform about a special offer. It is meant to last shortly, while a brochure is meant to be kept for a longer period.

What is exactly a brochure?Collateral_E-Tek-brochure

A brochure is a multi-fold informative document that is used for advertising.

It can come in various sizes and models. The most common size is A4.

Each type of brochure has a different role to play and it depends on your needs and what you want to show that you can choose between 5 different types.

Gate Fold Brochure

Its design is attractive as this is not a common type of brochure.

It will catch people’s eyes faster and it is also really easy to read.

Bi-Fold Brochure

It is more formal and is mostly used for catalogues.

As it is a really common type of brochure, it is not a surprise that you may have seen it several times in your life.

Tri-Fold Brochure

This brochure is the most common type.

It gives the designer a significant space to present a variety of topics. 

Z-Fold Brochure

It provides versatility as each panel can be filled with different information, or the designer can open it out as a full spread to place an image that would stand out.  

Brochures are used to give information about your company, products and services. Its main purpose is to extend relevant information regarding your business to the potential customer. In this way, you will be able to catch your potential customer’s attention with a catching design. You will also able to build trust between them and you, as well as give them something tangible, that nowadays, seems to be more precious as everything has become digital.  

What do you need to include in your Company’s brochure?

Man showing a brochure

There are some steps that you can follow to create your company’s brochure.

Remember that it can be built by a designer or you can use platforms to design it by yourself.

Regardless of the option you choose, all the relevant information has to be provided by you. 

Define your Target Audience

You have to be clear about what your company’s goals are, and specifically what you want to achieve by creating a brochure.

Moreover, you need to know who your customers are.

Brochures, as with any other action in marketing, has to be targeted to a specific audience and measured with some metrics or indicators.

Before creating your brochure, you need to know who your customer is as it will influence the message, communication, imagery and design. 

If you want to target different customer groups, you should create different brochures.

However to start, try to focus just on one target. 

Think about the metrics that you will be measuring to see the brochure’s effectiveness as you may want your potential customers to perform a specific action. 

Man with a target

Use an effective headline

Headlines have to be clear and concise about your business, product or service.

Your potential customer has to know what it is about, just to glance at it. Keep in mind that headers have to be understandable without requiring further explanation. 

Remember that you need to focus on how your business and solutions will help the reader, rather focus on what you do or what your goals are. 

Follow a structure

Most brochures have a standard distribution of content.

Normally, you include your logo and headline in the front panel.

In the middle panel, you include all the information about your product or service using supporting details. 

Finally, in the final panel, you include the call to action and the relevant information. 

It is structured this way because it helps to increase readability. 

Your content has to be relevant but summarized

As the brochure’s space is limited, your content has to be brief and concise. However, that is not the only reason for you to keep it that way.

If you include all the information in the brochure, then your potential customer won’t visit your website or store.

If you give them just enough information to keep the mystery and maintain them interested, then they will want to know more about your business for sure.   

Also make it easy to digest, if the reader sees a bunch of text, they won’t want to read it.

Include charts, pictures and graphics to make the content more attractive. 

Woman taking notes

Include your Unique selling point

You have to tell people what differentiate you from the competition. Why should they buy from you and not from others?

It is important to point out what is your added value along with the relevance of your products and services. 

Use creativity

You can create a unique design with beautiful fonts and imagery. However, you have to keep in mind the readability. It has to be easy to read so don’t overdo colour, fonts and style.

A good idea is to maintain your company’s colours in the design, so in this way, your potential customers will remember your visual communication if they do not remember your name. 

Include a call to action

The call to action will indicate to your potential customers what they have to do. 

You will be able to communicate in a more persuasive way when you know the action that you want your potential customers to perform and specify it.  

Include contact information

Finally, the contact information may include phone numbers, e-mail, directions to the business or the company’s website address.

If you want to include something digital is a good idea to include a QR code that redirects your reader to your e-commerce for example, so they can buy something immediately.

Woman reading a brochure

Is it still a good idea to have a brochure nowadays?

It is well-known that digital marketing, including social media, mobile apps, among others, are dominating the marketing strategies. However, traditional techniques are still effective.

You just need to take advantage of what traditional marketing still has to offer. The best strategy is to combine both efforts holistically.

Before building your company’s brochure, think about all the benefits it has for you.

  • They are easy to distribute.
  • They are not as expensive as other marketing techniques.
  • You can build trust with potential customers through them.
  • Brochure personalized your business.
  • It also establish your business authority.

Guest Blogger:  Nathaly - https://www.marketingmedia.com.au/blog/what-should-company-brochure-include/

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