Tradeshow Network Marketing Group Expands Its Exhibit Services in 2015

January 15, 2015

The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group is expanding its services for trade show exhibitors and has produced their first commercial for 2015, “Talk to the Exhibit House that Listens!”  This video was designed to help exhibitors understand the benefits of working with an exhibit company that takes the time to get to know their business and marketing objectives. 

trade show exhibit house video“We believe that listening to our customers is the cornerstone of our success,” said Chris Roberts, president of The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group. “We recommend that any company looking to create a new exhibit begin by sharing their overall business strategy and marketing goals with us so we can create an exhibit design that supports their goals and brand image and meets their budget requirements.” The firm offers a Business Review Questionnaire for free download at  to help clients articulate their goals for trade show marketing.

As a result of listening to their clients’ changing needs, The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group is responding with innovative new programs and services.

  • Rent-to-own program.  The firm creates custom exhibits from its rental inventory. Customers may choose to rent a booth for a specified period of time and own it at the end of the term, with a lower outlay of cash in the first year.
  • Technology-based solutions.  The firm develops exhibits that employ the latest technology to draw prospects into the booth, including HD monitors and iPads.
  • High impact graphics. The firm’s design team creates graphics using new lightweight materials that allow customers’ exhibits to stand out from the crowd.
  • Customized services and storage. The company provides the full range of show services and storage at their central location in Chicago, together with an online inventory management system that allows clients to easily manage their booth properties.
  • Total turnkey rental package. The firm can pull together everything needed for a show exhibit on a rental basis, with particular expertise in the Chicago area.
  • Online design searchTo enable ease of ordering, the firm is expanding its online design tools with helpful information such as budget estimates and new exhibit designs. The design gallery ranges from portable displays to island exhibits, graphic banners, accessories, flooring and lighting.

Because trade show space is typically reserved a year in advance, The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group is already working with clients in preparing for their events in 2015, providing new design options to ensure their exhibit presence sends the right marketing messages and helps them grow their business. This commercial was developed to show clients just how committed they are to listening and responding to their needs in 2015.

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