Trade Unions that work Chicago Trade Show Events

August 17, 2018

McCormick Place employs an in-house division called McCormick Place Technology Services Department to meet the  needs of the event planners and their exhibitors.  Your Event Manager (The Tradeshow Network for instance) can help you manage all these contractors by assisting you in completing the forms or doing the forms for you.  Our installers can provide some of the booth services directly under our installation contract  - but not all of them - and it is mandated by the show and the venue so be sure you check all the exhibitor rules.

Unions Employed by Event Service Contractors
Your event service contractor team hires the following unions. If you have any questions about jurisdictions, please contact your Account Representative.

• Carpenters: Responsible for un-crating of exhibits and display materials; installing and dismantling exhibits including cabinets, fixtures, shelving units, furniture; laying of floor tile and carpets; hanging structural signs; re-crating of exhibits and machinery; installing and dismantling scaffolding, bleachers and ganging of chairs; and the installation of signs.

• Cleaning: The show's official service contractor is responsible for and provides overall cleaning in the 2017IndustryEmailAds-med-2exhibit hall and occasionally event registration and services area depending on location. It is the exhibitor's responsibility to hire porter service through the general service contractor to provide carpet and booth cleaning or to pick up excess debris during show hours. However, if an exhibitor leaves excessive debris behind at the end of the show, McCormick Place will dispose of it and bill the exhibitor for the service accordingly. Excess debris includes literature, lumber, skids and pallets, carpet, products or waste from a product or demonstration.

• Decorators: Responsible for hanging all signs and installing all drape, cloth and/or tacked fabric panels. Decorators are also responsible for velcro signs used in a booth that require tools or more than one person for installation. Exhibitors may hang their own signs using any other type of fastener as long as no tools or ladders are required and the total time to hang the sign does not exceed ½ hour. Exhibitors may also skirt tables provided they do it with their own custom-fit skirts without the use of staples, snaps or velcro.

• Electricians: Responsible for assembly, installation and dismantle of any equipment that uses electricity as a sources of power and draws power from the building electrical system. In addition, they are responsible for electrical wiring, hookups and interconnections, electrical signs, video and audio taping and cable television hookups.

• Plumbers: Responsible for all plumbing, including the installation and tear out of tanks, compressed air, water, drain, natural gas, bottled pressurized gases, water filling and draining of tanks, installation and removal of all venting to the atmosphere, anchoring and welding.

• Projectionists: Responsible for load-in, set-up, and staging of any and all equipment (including, but not limited to, motion picture, video, holography, laser, slide and film) used for the projection of an image on a screen or surface.

• Riggers: Responsible for un-crating, un-skidding, positioning and re-skidding all machinery. Exhibitors may carry in computers and appliances provided the movement may be reasonably done by hand. Exhibitors may remove small computers and appliances from crates or boxes provided work is done without a forklift or any power equipment. Exhibitors removing large items, which require the use of tools to release/remove restraining straps, would require rigging labor.

• Stagehands: Responsible for public performances of theatrical events that require temporary installation of lighting and audio equipment, including the installation, operation and removal of such equipment.

• Teamsters: Responsible for the handling of all material (except machinery) in and out of the exhibit hall. Exhibitors may carry in small packages, including pop-up booths, provided they can be hand-carried. Four wheel dollies are not permitted. If you have any additional questions regarding the movement of freight, contact your show's official service contractor.

• Communication Service Technicians: Responsible for the installation, repair and dismantle of all voice and data service including fiber optics and Internet installations, as well as performing all in-booth voice and data wiring of exhibitor- owned telecommunications equipment.

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