Trade show marketing Mistakes you don’t want to make at your event.

December 17, 2019

It's as simple as ONE...TWO...THREE.  You can have a great show or you can have a mediocre show.  The old saying "you put into it what you get out of it" I think is very very true.  We work on creative exhibit briefings with our clients to try and capture the true needs of their business at a trade show event - and within their budget.  But if we build it and they are there - you might not catch the GOOD prospects you need if you make the following mistakes!

#1. Bad graphicsTrade show marketing mistakes

#2. Lack of a clear marketing message displayed on your booth

#3. Not getting out the word!  Promote the fact that you are exhibiting at that show.

#4. Thinking that if you build it they will come.  Don’t just leave out an empty fishbowl.

#5. Zero training of your people before the event.

#6. Talking too much.  – need to listen to prospects needs let them to the talking.

#7.  Handing out literature blindly.

#8.  Showing up without a true event plan.

#9. Forgetting to communicate to your show services provider your plan.

#10.  Not following up on the leads you got at the show.

packing a game plan strategy



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