Top 50 Trends Affecting Trade Shows and Events in 2015

June 16, 2015

GES published their 2015 Trend Tracker Report where they list the Top 50 Trends in Trade Shows and Events. The trends are divided into four categories:  Budgeting and Planning, Marketing, Technology, and Design. Marketers across Corporate America continue to harness the incredible power of face-to-face marketing—using “brand experiences” as a critical part of the modern era marketing mix. Event and trade show programs have become fully high-tech engagements that connect and engage—before, during and after an actual event or trade show. The result? Stronger marketing programs powered by stronger experiences. Welcome to the future of marketing… and welcome to the fourth-annual Trend Tracker, produced by Global Experience Specialists (GES). As always, Trend Tracker provides a rapidrelease checklist of trends. Go through the list and check-off the ones you’re activating now. Circle others you know you should. And make a list of the ones you’ll need to learn more about in 2015... and beyond. 

2015_tradeshow_marketing_plansSome of the highlights include:

1. Enlisting Employees:  Turning to employees to influence and spread messages “within” via social media.

2. High-Tech Rides:  GPS-driven car services to and from events.

3. CEO Accessibility:  CEO’s of major companies are celebrities to most conference attendees.  

4. Wearables and Biometrics:  Leveraging branding on wearables and sending content in real time

5. Leaner But Bolder Exhibit structures are becoming much more open and inviting.  

6. Storytelling:  Storytelling is the key to driving emotional connections with jaded and detached attendees.

Download the full report at 

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