Technological Changes in Trade Show Exhibits

January 07, 2020

When LED walls first started appearing around the country, they were bright, flashy ads on the side of highways. They attracted and dazzled passing motorists, advertising excitement just around the corner.  As cars got closer and closer, however, the message began to blur and the image: distorted. By the time people were directly below the sign, they’d forgotten what it said and kept moving.

Technological advances are rapid these days, and the same is true for the improvement of LED walls. Since their pixelated beginning, LED walls have come a long way. Now they can be seen clearly from any distance along highways and outside buildings. Their large display and perfect clarity make them ideal for entertainment, advertising, or reporting the news.

The use of LED walls can even be seen inside trade shows. Long gone are the days where people couldn’t decipher text or an image at close range on an LED wall. Now, you can stand right beside the screen and see everything with perfect clarity.

LED walls are a great way for exhibitors to create unique, attractive displays with minimal set-up effort. Because LED walls are computerized, they can be manipulated into any scene: an old country saloon, an underwater submarine, even the top of Mount Everest. Displays can change in the blink of an eye and can even be made to be interactive so that viewers can have a truly memorable, immersive experience.

Having LED walls as opposed to hanging LED screens creates a more aesthetically pleasing look. With LED walls, there are no gaps between the screen and booth, making for clean, uninterrupted displays. LED walls can be used for any wall-like surface such as islands, counters, and entryways. In other words, you can now get a video wall trade show booth in which the entire trade show display is made of LED video walls.

Whether you want a phenomenal exhibit booth for minimal effort or you want to bring something new and innovative to your company’s marketing, LED walls are the technological wonder that is right for everyone.

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