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May 02, 2019

Managing your trade show exhibit can be time-consuming. It includes making sure the right booth properties arrive on time and show ready. What's more, good trade show exhibit management requires extensive attention to detail and balancing multiple deadlines and stakeholders.  If you are worried that details might fall through the cracks, we provide a on-line management  cloud-based project & inventory management system, providing our exhibit management clients with 24/7 portal access to exhibit & show material inventory, event details & show service orders.   Recently we have received several RFP requests for storage, inventory management, and show services.   So I am republishing our Online Management System tour and tutorial.  Take a look!

Hello exhibitors! As promised, here is a full Online Management System tour and tutorial. Here at The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group, we use the OLM site to manage trade show services for all of our customer’s graphics, trade show exhibits, upcoming shows, and rental booth equipment and furniture. It helps us keep track of incoming and outgoing shipments while making sure that the correct items are going to and from your shows. 

Trade Show Services Demonstration Video:


 Click here for a printable presentation of our OLM Site Guide.

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