Know Your Exhibit Options: Custom, Modular, Pop-up Displays

April 05, 2016

Not all trade show booths are created equal. Each type of display has its proper place, depending on the size of the show, your marketing objectives and your budget. Some companies use different types and sizes of exhibits for different shows, while others rely on just one exhibit for all shows. Knowing your options for trade show displays will help you choose and plan wisely.  What constitutes a display? A trade show display, or an exhibit stand as the Europeans call it, is a graphical display device designed to be used at an event, trade show or trade fair to convey your marketing messages and represent your brand. Exhibit types range from pop-up devices and tabletop displays to typical 20 by 20 foot exhibits to giant, custom booths that make a big statement.exhibit stand options

Displays available for purchase vary greatly in size, cost and complexity, but all are designed to visually represent a specific solution, product, or strength of the company. Trade show displays use bold graphic images and powerful messages to attract attention and visitors to the exhibit space. The space itself should be designed to fit the marketing activities you plan for the show, whether you want sales representatives to give a company pitch in person, show a video demonstration, hand out brochures, provide educational information, or capture prospects’ names and validate their need for your products and services.

Our white paper outlines all the booth options, including custom exhibits for rental or purchase, modular exhibits and pop-up or portable displays, as well as the different sizes and configurations available in the U.S. and overseas.  Download the free whitepaper by clicking on the button below.

20x20 display stand options



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