Important Booth Design Considerations for a Trade Show

June 03, 2021

During a trade show, the goal of all exhibitors is to grab the attention of the attendees. Just like any other event, the success of a trade show depends on numerous factors. However, out of all these factors, powerful trade show booth designs play an extremely important role. These days, most of the exhibitors are extremely brand conscious and they want to exhibit solutions that reflect the personality of their brands on the show floor. Mentioned below are some of the most important booth design considerations for a rewarding trade show. However, before discussing these points, it is also important to take into account the goals and trade show budget of the exhibitors.

Trade Show Booth Design Goals: Each booth in a trade show serves as a tool supporting the marketing goals of the exhibitor. Therefore, one of the key steps inRental Trade Show Booth trade show booth designing is to outline the goals. The most common of these goals include increasing brand awareness, generating leads, attracting visitors, making sales, and promoting products and services.

Budget for Trade Show Booth: On average, booths account for approximately 10% of the overall trade show budget excluding the exhibit space. In order to control the costs related to booth design, it is advisable to focus on design elements that are important for achieving the goals. Booth features that are less related to the overall exhibiting objectives can be excluded for cost reduction.

Design Considerations:

Search online and attend trade shows for design ideas and make a list of the components to be added. Booths that stand out in trade shows generally make use of bold graphics, captivating product demonstrations, large signs, interactive components, and VR/AR elements. Some of the common design elements you may consider for your booth include towers, back walls, hanging structures, meeting spaces, counters, storage spaces, product shelves, media kiosks, etc.

The next step for you is to decide on the right kind of exhibit for your brand. This can be done based on the following factors.

  1. Your exhibit must have enough space for both attendees and staffers.
  2. While displaying products, make sure your booth space can accommodate them comfortably.
  3. If your exhibit demands more intimate space, consider private conference rooms.

One of the primary objectives of attending a trade show is to let people know the story of the brand. The storytelling aspect of exhibiting depends a great deal on booth designing. This message can be delivered to the attendees by smartly planned booths equipped with visual media and exhibit graphics.

Follow these tips to communicate the story of your brand

  1. Think about the organization’s most transformative moments
  2. Provide something that really matters to the audience
  3. Highlight the unique or most interesting aspects of your product/service
  4. Be honest and avoid bragging

Finally, it is time to consider graphics, colors, and lighting. These are considered to be the most important physical aspects of trade show booth design.

  1. Graphics: High-impact graphics are extremely effective in capturing the attention of attendees and attracting a high volume of traffic to a trade show booth.
  2. Colors: Make effective use of colors by ensuring that the coloring scheme of the booth is consistent with your brand’s overall marketing design. In order to stand out, only use colors that are bright and easily noticeable. Also, the colors chosen by you should reflect the emotions you are looking to create in the visitors.
  3. Lighting: A smartly-lit space can make all the difference by accentuating the booth’s design features. Allow your visitors to experience the details of your graphics by creating a well-lit display. Also, making use of light, you can highlight your exhibit’s key areas such as promotional materials, product displays, etc.

Some other considerations for designing your trade show booth include flooring, in-booth media, and storage.

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