How to Pick the Perfect Booth for Your Company

September 03, 2015

Trade Shows have moved from the traditional paper post-up show floor to a complete online experience. But the one thing that hasn’t changed is that picking the perfect booth is still a top priority for exhibitors. Whether you are selecting space for your organization or guiding a company as a salesperson, these quick tips will help make the process smoother and less stressful.Apple-in-open-hand-temptation

Do Your Homework – Have you reviewed and understood the floorplan layout? Do you understand the unique markings for what are pillars, low-hanging ceilings, odd spaces, etc.? How does the show divide the space? Do they avoid creating end-caps, extraneous islands, and 10x10s on a main island? Do you have particular requirements (access to water for example)? Does the show use priority points and what are yours? Understanding the answers to these questions is critical in booth selection.

Don’t Go It Alone – Talk to sales reps, venue staff, colleagues and others who have exhibited in the particular space you are considering. These individuals can help you understand typical traffic flow, challenges of the venue and the subtle nuances that may impact your selection.

NES Theory – Do you want to be near or far from food courts, kiosks, bathrooms and other non-exhibiting spaces (NES)? Know what works best for your brand and plan accordingly.

Competitors – Knowing where your competitors are located on the show floor is important. You want to ensure that you stand out in the crowd to your target audience!

Good Neighbors – Are you located near companies which consistently get good traffic? Being adjacent to these non-competitive exhibitors may drive additional attendees to your space. If they have a good relationship with you, they may also introduce their clients and potential customers.

Bad Neighbors – Know who can be distracting? Avoid exhibiting near those who may have loud demonstrations or distracting elements in their booth displays.

Front & Center – Do you want to be near the booths up front? Anchor booths at the main entrances or along major aisles are always at a premium. Sometimes the main entrances can be crowded and distracting. Studies have also shown that most Americans (based on our driving habits) naturally turn right when they enter an exhibit hall.

Have Options – Not sure what to pick? Generate at least three to five choices in case your first selection is not available.

Management Buy-In – Still not sure? After you have generated a list of potential spaces, take that to management for buy-in. Use this opportunity to discuss other preferences should your first several locations not be available and you are forced to make a new selection. While texting images of floorplans, calling in or emailing options, you may only have a few minutes until the salesperson may move on to the next exhibitor.

In the end, any booth can be successful if it’s staffed with well-trained salespeople, proper marketing is implemented and a great product is showcased.

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