How to Close a Sale in 5 Steps

June 27, 2017

Even at a trade show event everyone knows that sales is definitely part science, but it's not rocket science. If reps adopt effective processes, it becomes much easier to prospect, qualify, and sign new buyers.Closing sometimes seems like the most mysterious of all sales activities. Some reps are great at knowing intuitively how to close a sale, and others ... not so much. With a solid procedure, you don't need good instincts to close effectively (although they'll still come in handy, of course).

This infographic from Refresh (acquired by LinkedIn) presents a five-step approach to winning deals, complete with data on why each action is necessary and effective. The next time you might be tempted to send a boilerplate email or pick up the phone without researching your prospect's industry, think again.


Written by | @emmajs24 - full article on Hubspot -

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