Factors to Consider when Choosing Trade Show Displays

May 05, 2022

Trade shows play a vital role in the marketing and distribution of products and services. These exhibitions provide an excellent opportunity for businesses to reach a targeted audience and create new leads. Displays are an excellent way of promoting your brand and selling your products and services to many people in one place. Most businesses spend a lot of money and time designing their trade show displays and then hire display companies to manufacture and install them. If you plan to exhibit at a trade show, you must choose the right company to work with. Here are factors to help you decide which company is right for your trade show display needs.

What is your budget?

You need to know how much your budget is for your trade show display and then choose a company that matches your budget. The price you see advertised on a sign at the trade show is often higher than you will pay. The price you see may include shipping, setup, removal charges, and a prominent up-front fee charged by the company. The total price you will pay will depend on the size and weight of the items you choose to exhibit. The up-front fee is charged because the company has to take possession of your items and store them until your trade show is over.

What are their trade show display services?trade show business

If you are only planning to exhibit at one trade show, you can probably use a company that provides only sign fabrication. However, if you plan to exhibit at multiple trade shows, you will need a company that offers a full range of services. Your trade show display company should be able to help you with everything from design to fabrication, installation, and removal.

Is there a proven track record?

A proven track record means that the company has been around for a while, has been in business, and has exhibited at many trade shows before. This may not be the most important factor when choosing a trade show display company, but it is a factor to consider. If a company is new to the industry, it is unlikely to have a proven track record. You should also research companies based on where they are located, who owns the company, and who manages it.

Can they customize your trade show display?

One of the biggest advantages of working with a custom trade show display company is the ability to customize your trade show display. If you can design your trade show display, it will be very appealing to attendees, and it will significantly increase foot traffic around your booth. If your budget is unlimited, you may not be able to design your trade show display, in which case, it is best to work with a company that can custom design your exhibit. Custom trade show displays that incorporate your brand, logo, and product details effectively generate leads.

Will they deliver on time?

You will want your company to deliver your trade show display on time. This means that you need to ensure that the company you choose to work with has an on-time delivery guarantee. That protects you from any damages or losses while the company is transporting your items. If you experience any delays, you need to be able to get in touch with the delivery company and get your trade show display as quickly as possible. Otherwise, the display will be missing some key features that will significantly reduce its effectiveness.

Trade shows are a perfect way for businesses to reach a targeted audience and create new leads. While selecting a company to assist with your trade show display, you must choose the right company.

Guest blogger:  Editorial Business Desk - https://editorialge.com/trade-show-displays/

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