Cool new COVID product - Automated Occupancy Counter

August 06, 2020

Because of COVID-19, across the country, businesses are challenged to adhere to new public health and safety guidelines without sacrificing the guest experience. As part of your strategy, consider including a touch-less Automated Occupancy Counter.  It manages occupancy limits With visual messages and alerts.

Ideal for corporate offices, restaurants, schools, and any other indoor facility, our automated occupancy kiosks offer:

    • The ability to set occupancy levels based on local and state guidelinesautomated occupancy counter
  • Near real-time tracking of visitors/staff entering and exiting your space (refreshes every 10-15 seconds)
  • Automated messaging when occupancy level has reached capacity and entry by additional persons needs to pause
  • Traffic light indicators based on occupancy levels
  • Multiple entrances and exits can be monitored simultaneously using the same kiosk
  • Employee-facing dashboard
  • Staff alerts when occupancy level has been reached
  • On-screen branding with the ability to embed the counter within a web page
  • Custom vinyl branding for a personal touch

Available in a variety of display sizes, these Automated Occupancy Counters can help you create a positive experience while complying with regulations to ensure proper social distancing and the health and safety of all. Everything you need is available now.  Just contact us for details.

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