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Brand Awareness at Trade Show Events

Posted on Tue, Jul 28, 2015

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Have you ever thought how increased brand awareness is important for your trade show presence? We will introduce you to brand awareness from another angle- by relevant marketing research. As you know, brand awareness is the ability of a potential buyer to recognize or recall your brand, so what possible benefits does it bring to your trade show presence? Obviously, every company presenting itself on an exhibition floor aims to be on top of the minds of the booth visitors. However, there are three levels of brand awareness which interact with each other. Your trade show success depends on how well your company is presented to the visitors and how you pass each stage of the brand awareness path. 

blog3This article pertains to marketing research on achieving brand awareness at a trade show. After reading this article, you will know more about the scientific insights of improving brand awareness through influencing visitor behavior. More importantly, you will know how to apply it at a trade show.

  • What is brand awareness?
  • Why is brand awareness important?
  • Three levels of brand awareness
  • How to increase brand awareness
  • Best practices of brand awareness: Unilever and Lipton

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