Bling your trade show display!

May 10, 2016

Our big spring trade show exhibit season will be wrapping up at the end of this month - now is the time to ramp up for the fall season of trade show events.  Here is a fun list of simple things to think about as you are reflecting on this years program and what to do next that will provide you some extra "BLING" and "ZING" to your trade show marketing program:

1. Exude Professionalism: Image is everything. Don’t go cheap on any element of design.Bring-out-the-Bling-1024x514.png

2. Project a Personality: Conservative, trendy,cutting edge? Show off your style in your space.

3. Make It Memorable: Be clever, funny, bold or intriguing in your design and in your message.

4. Capture Attention With Color: Don’t be afraid to go bright and bold. Accent the décor with the corporate colors. Contrast colors, use light text on dark backgrounds or go monochrome for impact.

5. Incorporate a Theme: Create a clever, memorable theme to reinforce your marketing message, company slogan or tagline. Tie into a current event or holiday. Have fun with sports, movies, music themes.

6. Get Your Name Noticed: It should only take seconds to understand who you are and what you do.

7. Give Graphics the “Wow” Factor: Use large, attention grabbing photos and striking images.

8. Make the Message Clear: Keep signs simple. More pictures – less text. Say it succinctly.

9. Give Benefits First: Feel their pain. Make the message about benefits to them and less about the features you offer. How you will solve their most pressing problems is the most important message.

10. Light Things Up: Lighting techniques can illuminate, spotlight, highlight or add motion to your display.

11. Master Effective Merchandising Showcase an impressive variety of colors, sizes,  prices, qualities and styles of your product. Less is more. Keep excess stock out of sight.

12. Cut The Clutter Keep it clean and simple. There’s no need to show everything you sell.

13. Elevate Your Offerings. Use decorative containers, risers, boxes or unusual props to bring products and literature closer to eye level and add three-dimensional impact to your space.

14. Add Punch With Props. Illustrate an intangible service or promote your product line with a variety of creative and interesting items that help to decorate, illustrate the message and bring your booth to life.

15. Dress-Up the Staff: Whether it’s a costume, company uniform or casual clothes, wear something that makes your team stand out from attendees or enhance your theme. If it works, wear what you sell.

16. Build Your Image: Display awards, community connections and company spirit. Share your company’s personal side in order to connect with attendees and help them find a common bond.

17. Make Sure It Matches: Every element of the display should be cohesive, coordinated and complementary. That includes the carpet, counters, backdrop, graphics, props colors and theme.

18. Look Over Your Layout: Step back and observe your display like a customer. Would you do business with your company? Does the display match the hype and exemplify the company image?

19. Train the Staff: Brainstorm with the team to script a sales presentation that will accomplish your goals. Memorize the presentation, use it consistently and reward positive results.

20. Project Professionalism: People will be watching. Be approachable. Practice good exhibitor etiquette. Take out the chairs, no eating at the booth, put away the cell phone and greet everyone with a smile. Exude enthusiasm for your company
and offerings.

Guest Blogger: Susan Ratliff, The Exhibit Expert. Speaker, Author, Tradeshow Consultant, and Event Producer.

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