Top 12 mistakes you can make in your trade show booth

June 04, 2013

There are a lot of mistakes that can happen on a trade show floor with your booth, the trade show services you obtain, graphics, and your people.  With all these factors involved it behooves you to sit down and document your plan.  Here are some mistakes that we have seen our clients make in the past - do not fall into this trap!

  1. fabric tradeshow boothNot planning ahead and developing an overall trade show marketing objective
  2. Not being clear in your booth graphics and marketing messages
  3. Putting too much stuff in your booth space
  4. Not communicating to your audience that you are at the trade show event and where you will be
  5. Not conducting a pre-show meeting with the trade show floor team
  6. Not defining how to obtain and qualify a "A" lead
  7. Lack of expectations for your staff
  8. Not being proactive in scheduling meetings/lunches/dinners with prospects and customers at the show
  9. Not being industry specific and targeting your primary audience 
  10. Managing the costs and time involved
  11. Not hosting a post show review with the entire team
  12. Not following up on leads that were obtained

So learn from the mistakes other have made and you will have a successful show!




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