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March 26, 2013

Just got back from Exhibitor 2013 in Las Vegas and it certainly was busy.  Busy with tons of people and lots of activity.  Every booth exhibitor I met with said that they had the best first day ever - very exciting news for all of us in the trade show marketing business!!  There were a few things that I wanted to share with my audience on what was new - I call it the "FAT" show - Fabric, Accessories, and Technology!!

  • Fabric.  Everywhere you looked there was a variety of lightweight colorful fabric solutions.  It is the direction of the entire industry to make products that reduce your dryage and freight costs all while making it extremely trade show lighting effectsattractive from both a price and graphics standpoint.
  • Accessories.  The big new thing we found was exhibitstrips!  The trade show exhibits need lighting and power - and you need to control that power.  Exhibitstrips provides that control, allowing you unlimited, six-outlet surge protectors that are paired to a frequency- matched remote control. That means you can turn on or off power from anywhere in your booth - making your life easier and saving energy at the same time.
  • Technology.  iPad stands where everywhere and the variety of them is endless.  We loved the tension fabric trade show boothones that had the banner stands attached because it allowed you to communicate your brand and message around your interactive booth.  The iPad brings your message to life by allowing the visitor to actually view your presentation or product review right in your exhibit.  It allows you to keep that prospect engaged more to qualify them to the next level.

Some 296 exhibitors presented everything from motion-activated displays to live sculpting to inflatable chairs, not to mention the latest in creative strategy and social media integration. The show attracted about 5,600 attendees and spanned approximately 67,000 square feet, up 13.5 percent compared with 2012.
“This is our best show since 2006 in terms of square footage and exhibitor count,” said Wayne Dunham, EXHIBITOR public relations consultant. “Exhibitors advisory council said that they’ve had a great show and that people on the floor are serious shoppers.”

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