Today's Tradeshow Marketing Challenges

October 23, 2012

What is your biggest trade show marketing challenge today?  In a recent webinar, this question was asked of the audience, and 48% of them said that it was "avoiding our sales people chasing prospects after a trade show event who have no intention of purchasing our product or service." Only 11% of this audience were satisfied with their return on their trade show investment. Happily, this situation can be avoided – by taking a few simple steps before the event and making a plan.   

island custom exhibitObjective and Strategy –  Create an objective for the event and outlines a strategy or plan.  It can be something as simple as "To generate 10 qualified leads who purchase xx within 6 months of the event" (and spell out what a "qualified" lead is). With the strategy being that you will invite key prospects to your booth before the event (either by phone call or email) and you will have a presentation available (or demonstration) to further push them through the sales cycle of awareness.

People  - Make sure you have the right people there (that want to be there) who can sell and understand the products and services you market.  Develop the presentation or script of what you want communicated and make sure they understand who is attending the event and how to interact with this target market (what is this audience looking for from him as a supplier – what solutions can he provide).

Technology – Have the tools available to demonstrate or present your solution in such a way that is interactively appealing to the audience.  You are competition with your competitors directly in a small setting so make sure you do SOMETHING to make yourself stand out.  It could anything from a unique trade show display exhibit to creative eye catching booth graphics or product demonstrations, presentations, or giveaways.

Process - Identify your ideal type of lead and create a process to follow-up with them BEFORE the event occurs so that the people there will understand how to address the prospect and how to mark them for future follow-up.  Do you need to call this prospect right away or is there some additional sales that needs to occur.  How are you going to follow-up? Email, Phone, etc?

A trade show event is a big investment.  You have a lot of work ahead of you BEFORE the event starts - get going!!  To help you through this process please download the steps involved in planning and tracking your next trade show event!

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