How is your trade show exhibit dollar spent?

August 30, 2012

According to CEIR, $24 billion annually is spent on exhibiting, with the second biggest portion of those monies, 17 percent, being spent on show services, including material handling, installation and dismantling, electrical, furnishings, Internet, A/V, etc.  The third highest dollar spend, 14 percent, was on travel and entertainment, followed by exhibit design, 11 percent; shipping, 10 percent; promotion, 6 percent; lead management and measurement services, 4 percent; and exhibit staff training and ‘other’ both at 1 percent.  This is represented in the chart below.

trade show exhibit budgetSo this begs the question: What does YOUR trade show budget look like?  If you are spending way over the percentages on a particular area – this might be a good time to check in with other exhibit houses on either a rental booth design, show services, storage, and/or shipping costs.  You might be able to save some money in one area if you focus on trying to control some of the costs.  In addition, by looking at some new partners you may be able to take advantage of some newer technology – like an Online Exhibit Inventory Management system that keeps track of your costs and where all your inventory for a trade show event is being held.

From communication to budgeting, every detail in the preparation of your events can be managed easily with our online resources for clients. You can order new products and services, review your show asset inventory, run budget reports, and track invoices – all accessible 24/7 and in real time. So whether you’re in the corporate office or on the road, our online management services give you greater control and help manage your expenses. To get a free quote on how to manage you exhibit inventory more effectively visit our website and complete a exhibit inventory request.  We would love to help!

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