Trade Show Exhibits - Choosing The Right One

June 19, 2012

Making a big splash at a trade show event where the crowd is always gathered around your booth is a trade show exhibit manager's dream.  Trade show exhibits could be an ideal way to make your presence felt with complete confidence.  In this extremely business-like scenario, it is important to make yourself seen in whichever way possible. Generating awareness about the product or service you wish to offer and reminding the customer of your presence are of the utmost importance.

trade show eventTrade shows will help in targeting a specific audience who are likely to be interested in the specific product or service category offered at the trade show event. The very reason they have visited your booth space would mean that they are possibly looking to explore relevant options you have to solve a problem that they have. Hence, it is easier to make an impression because they have come to you. There is an amazing variety for choices available for trade show displays these days. You need to be able to select one on the basis of your requirements, budget, and the objectives you want to obtain.

The first and the most favorable option is to create a custom trade show exhibit.  These could be tailor made to suit your purpose, goals, and space. You can decide on the height and depth as well as the shape of the booth as per your requirement and in accordance with the theme and the needs of the target market you are going after.  Custom made booths are ideal for making an strong presence seen with prominence. These could be suitable options for product launches as well as important marketing events to generate need opportunities.

Modular trade show booths are the second most available unique type. These are extremely flexible options because they can be reconfigured for a variety of booth spaces and they can be maneuvered to suit your purpose. Accessories such as stands, counters, kiosks, back walls, pedestals, etc. are interchangeable and can be suitably used for creating fresh looks. It is simple to assemble these modular the exhibits and they are cost effective on handling and shipment costs as well. The materials used are typically lightweight, which are ideal for creating high class flexible designs at low cost and  affordable rates.  

If you are low on budget and you space is typically 10x10 or less you should be sticking to a portable trade show displays. Portable trade show booths, which are easy to carry and setup, is a great way to start into the trade show business.  These are typically made of lightweight material and can be brought to the booth space by your team and configured quickly.   Today, a lot of companies are using multiple fabric banner stands as a backdrop to a table to help generate interest in the space. 

Finally, there are two additional options: used trade show displays and rental exhibits.  Both are lower cost solutions that can be used for a larger space like 10x20 or bigger.  It provides you the luxury of having a custom made booth at a fraction of the purchase price.  These are some of the basic categories for trade show exhibits that you can choose from. Be sure to evaluate your options before making the final choice.

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