Crafting an Effective Post-Show Survey

February 16, 2012

"Generating post-show surveys is an important facet to delivering the best possible on-site experience for exhibitors and attendees—heeding the input of both groups will ensure an event has value by transforming it into a must attend function. Without the input that comes post-show, an event can become stagnant and flat—a combination that will drive people away to competing events".  This information was obtained through an article by NAB's Chris Brown, who discusses the best tips and tricks for post-show data collection.  The link to the entire blog is posted below, and it focuses on how show managers are reviewing their data, but as an exhibitor you need to conduct this same type of survey within your own booth setting after the event.

tradeshow marketing surveysChris Brown, Executive Vice President of Conventions and business operations for the National Association of Broadcasters’ [NAB] annual show, says the most important steps in conducting a post show survey is “understanding your objectives and laying out some very clear goals of what you are after. From there, you’ve got to determine your approach and methodology of the who, what and where’s.”  This is SO TRUE!!

There are two parts in my opinion to implementing a post show survey within your trade show marketing program.  Our focus will be on your show floor people and what their opinions and recommendations are for the next show - but you can also contact your customers/prospects that attendee for additional information. 

For your employees, my suggestion is to allow for a lot of open ended questions that they are required to fill out.  What would they change at the next event? Did they think the show was successful? What were the highlights of the meeting, etc? For my customers/prospects I would keep the survey very short with yes/no type questions and offer an incentive for completing the survey (maybe use the giveaway you used at the show).

The most important factor is to follow up after the event and DOCUMENT the results so that when the time comes to book space at this show next year - you already are ahead of the game. You know what you want to do and how you should do it.  It also gives you a heads up on IF you want to attend this show again next year and the size of space (hence your budget) you should get.  There are so many benefits to a post show survey - take the time to do this activity after the show.

The article referenced was written by T.J. Raphael can be found at:

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