Small Expo Trade Show Display Tips

October 25, 2011

When exhibiting at a small expo it’s important to make your space standout in the sea of competitors. How can you make an impact you may ask? Setting up a table with some product giveaways will not help you reach your full potential at these shows.

I recently attended the Hospitality Expo held at the Northern Illinois Conference Center.Hospitality Expo
The trade show displays and tables were placed very closely to each other and if you did not have something that made you stand out, there’s a possibility that potential customers could have passed right by you. The companies who caught my attention had incorporated interesting banner stands, table top exhibits or pop-up displays along with their space. I was able to get a better understanding of what their company does before even speaking to the sales consultants or event coordinators. This was very beneficial when you have the right display design. It also helped because of the lack of aisle space, areas easily became crowded and if there wasn’t a display it became difficult to understand what the exhibitor had to offer.

Besides creating the right display handing out the right promotional product is key. There were two standouts of the night. They were Hotel Arista and Hampton Inn. Hotel Arista gave away chocolate that looked liked rocks and a small recycle green keychain. Both of these concepts tied into the branding of Hotel Arista and showed off the eco friendly side of the hotel.Chocolate rocks Hampton Inn’s promotional product was a stress ball in the form of a bed. It was a unique item that included the local Hampton’s logo and contact information.

When attending a small show it’s just as important to plan as if you are going to a large show. You never know whom you may meet and what business it might bring you. Make sure your trade show display and marketing efforts are top notch and you will stand out from the crowd!



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