Stand out trade show displays and trends at Graph Expo 2011

September 19, 2011

There were some very unique trade show displays at Graph Expo 2011 held at McCormick Place. The show was lined with printers, prepress/design software and mailing companies. One trade show exhibit that stood out was two towers created completely from printed metal plates the company had produced. Each plate was clipped together by metal hooks that lined the entire tower walls. The contrast in colors was also great because they had a very cool colored tower and a dynamic tower graphicmulticolored tower, yet each one did not overpower the other. It made for a great attention grabber and conversation piece.  

 Another very interesting element displayed was a cutout of a lady that was digitized, so when you walked past the life-sized cutout began speaking to you about the company’s products. A very unique approach that gets you to stop and see what it’s all about. It was then easy for the company’s sales representatives to step in and start asking you questions.

Besides the stand out exhibits, some of the trade show trends I spotted at Graph Expo 2011 included large fabric graphic displays, unique meeting area setups, hanging banners in all sizes, and large graphic towers.

Large fabric graphic displays

The large full wall fabric graphics were a very economical solution for a trade show display. The fabric displays allowed printers to showcase the brilliant range of color they are able to produce on fabric.Fabric graphic display

 Hanging Banners

There were numerous hanging banners displayed throughout the exhibit hall. Some of them were not your typical circular hanging banner. There were long thin banners that were practically as lengthy as the entire exhibits.

 Meeting Areas  

Multiple types of meeting areas were utilized at this show. They ranged from the standard tables and chairs to rectangular bean bag cushions set out among the exhibit floor.

Graphic Towers

I saw a number of graphic towers displayed by many exhibitors throughout the show. Some were standard matrix panel towers with direct print graphics, while others included colored lighting in the tower to make the side panels glow. They varied in sizing.

Overall Graph Expo displayed the amazing print technology available to us today and what we can look forward to in the future.  



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