Make Your Trade Show Display Modular for Flexibility

July 11, 2011

With so many trade show display options available these days, finding the right exhibit for all your shows can seem next to impossible – unless you take the modular route.  Modular exhibits, as the name implies, are comprised of interchangeable components that can be reconfigured for different booth sizes.

Modular booths are frequently confused with portable booths.  Modular booths are generally more substantial and intended for larger spaces than the smaller, lighter portable booths and pop-up displays.  In fact, a modular booth can be configured to virtually any size, with some advance planning.

modular trade show display

“Often, clients are focused on one show or one booth property that needs updating among their inventory of exhibits,” explains Chris Roberts, president, The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group.  “I advise them to consider their entire show schedule when investing in a new exhibit to determine if a modular booth can be created to work for more than one show.  It’s a more cost-effective approach than buying separate booths.  The more times you use a booth, the lower the usage expense.”

For example, if your company exhibits in shows in different industries, a modular booth can be designed to work in multiple markets with changeable graphic panels.  Of course, making your modular display work in different spaces requires having the right design from the start.  For example, an island exhibit can reach as high as 16 feet tall, while an in-line booth is limited to 8 feet in height.  Your different booth sizes need to be considered during the design phase so that the pieces will match the space requirements.

Modular items include counters, standard frames and other structural elements that can be moved around to create custom designs.  While many companies are renting exhibits when they have a single show that needs a larger booth, you run the risk of looking like every other rental exhibit when you do.  A modular booth, on the other hand, is customized for your company.

Investing in a modular booth makes the most sense if you generally exhibit in larger booth spaces on a regular basis.  For the smallest 10x10 booth, you might be better off with portables and other less expensive options that can still convey your brand with custom graphics. 

While modular is flexible, it’s anything but boring.  Some of the latest trends in experiential booth design can be incorporated into a modular display.  To see a gallery of modular designs, visit and download our modular exhibits catalog.



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