Social Network for Trade Show Event Managers

June 30, 2011

Did you listen to the webinar from Meetings and Conventions on this topic? Some of the information I thought was basic social media 101, but I did get one take away that might be helpful to my trade show managers  - customizable social media tools are out there designed for the trade show industry and helping you grow results at your trade show display event.

social media for event managers










In addition to the standard social media tools that you have out there like facebook, linkedin, twitter, etc.  There are some very unique and customizable tools that can be helpful in drawing those attendees to your booth.

There is a fee for most of these - but it might be worth checking out a few of them to see what their returns (in terms of leads) will be.  The one I looked at was which is specific to the event industry.

Your attendees come to network, but it's hard.  Pathable's easy-to-use, on-line community and social network helps attendees, sponsors and exhibitors meet and communicate.  Attendees optimize their time by learning who's coming and scheduling one-on-one meetings.  Check it out!



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