Most Memorable Trade Show Exhibits

March 09, 2011

Did anyone listen to the "Most Memorable Exhibits" by the Center of Exhibition Center Research?

These results were taken away from a survey from 270+ trade show events.  Here is what I took away from this presentation:

  • Product interest is the best predictor of the overall success of the exhibitor - so make it interesting and make sure you are targeting the RIGHT event and the RIGHT audience!
  • More exhibitors using smaller exhibit spaces - but size does matter (recall to the attendees higher with larger booths)
  • Crowds do attract traffic - people are curious!  Have something interactive in your space - and draw a crowd!

So many of our clients have gotten away from developing an event strategy - of any kind - and I think this is a mistake.  Planning is the biggest factor in making your trade show event a success.  Did you do ANY pre-show marketing prior to the trade show so that people knew to seek you out??  Probably not.

Don't just build it and go - make it a major marketing tactic that provides your business results!

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