Why Exhibitors Exhibit

February 24, 2011

I listened to this webinar "The Changing Enonomics of Convention Centers" - click on the link below to view a taped version of the presentation. What did I get out of this webinar for OUR trade show display customers

The first part talked about Convention Centers and where they get their money - that did not really interest me much but they DO get a good portion of their fees from both food and telecommunications services which I found interesting.  In addition, they are predicting a revenue growth of almost 3% and show managers are expecting a 7% growth in attendance.

They talked about Show Manager trends.  The biggest trend being focused on attendance promotion.  Over the last two years - exhibitors have cut their budgets MORE than attendance performance.  In addition, the biggest trend has been to collect more data about the attendee for the exhibitor.

Convention centers are now focused on helping the show manager improve the overall experience for the attendee.  It is now about education, network, and the experience. why exhibitors exhibit at trade show events

So make sure your trade show booth reflects this and incorporates the same experience and feel.  I have posted the TOP TEN reasons they say why trade show exhibitors exhibit today.

Why do you exhibit at trade show events?

Click here to access the webinar on this topic sponsored by Expo Webinars.



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