Custom trade show displays

February 17, 2011

Despite the many options available, exhibitors find it challenging to make their booth stand out among so many others on the trade show floor. To market your product at a trade show effectively and make an impact, you need to make your booth unique and memorable to visitors. This can be achieved by using a custom trade show display.

The benefit of going for custom trade show displays is that they can be customized according to your requirements. Unlike the common pop-up and table top displays, custom exhibits are guaranteed to grab the attention of trade show attendees.

Custom display design

Once you have made the decision to buy a custom trade show display, think about what kind of display stand will best advertise your product and/or services. It is a good idea to opt for a design, which is unique, contemporary and appealing. This will make your booth look eye-catching, modern and professional. Based on the nature of the product and your strategic marketing approach, you can customize the display in any way you want. You can add accessories, creative lights or even combine two or more different displays to create a unique exhibit. Depending on the floor space and your advertising needs, you can go for a small custom display or a big, prominent one.

Reconfigure your custom display

You will get the most from a custom trade show display if you attend many trade shows and marketing events in a year. Some booth spaces will be different dependant on the show.  If you design your custom exhibit to be modular, you will be able to reconfigure it for multiple trade show events.  By reusing the display many times, you get more value for the money invested in it.

The right custom trade show displays can considerably increase your visibility and help you grow sales. While selecting a custom display keep in mind factors like shape, size, ease of assembly, lighting, reconfigure ability, and of course, the price.

Key points:

Make sure understand all the objectives that need to met when reviewing your options in a custom trade show display because in the long run it can save you money. 

Next step: 

Take a look at all our custom trade show designs – or conduct a database wide display design search.  Then contact us for a quote!

Custom Display Designs

custom trade show display designs


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