State of the Union: Efficient Growth

January 07, 2011

By: Chris Roberts, President of The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group

The year 2011 is upon us and we are welcoming it with open arms.  As the U.S. economy has prompted corporations to cut back over the last few years, we have moved forward with programs to allow us operate more efficiently, reduce costs and add value for clients, and increase our network of services globally.

Over the past two years, we have completely automated our systems, built a network of worldwide partnerships, expanded our facilities and heavily invested in our custom rental display inventories to better position our company for the long term.  By automating our systems, we were able to minimize unnecessary expenses and reduce costs.  One of our key objectives was to develop quality partnerships globally to enhance our production and service offerings.  These partnerships help to ensure quality, control costs and continue to be a top priority for the strength of our company.  Expanding and housing our operation under one roof to create better efficiencies and customer service has enabled a better use of personnel and space.  A priority for the foreseeable future will be a continuation to invest in rental equipment to provide lower cost alternatives for our customers.  These investments will enable our clients to enhance their brand image at their important events for a fraction of the usual cost.

Our goal of expanding our space while improving efficiency by integrating our offices and storage into one facility was achieved last March.  The move enabled much better communications within the organization to better serve our clients’ trade show display needs.  Since the cornerstone of our business is our strong ethics and our commitment to insure that our customers achieve their goals, it was of the upmost importance to complete this transition as quickly as possible.  Based on the commitment of our team, the move was achieved without any disruption to the quality of service that our customers have come to expect and enjoy!  At this point it feels as though we have been in our current location for many years.

Investing the time and resources necessary to build strong relationships with customers, partners, suppliers, associates and personnel that share our same core values, principles and commitment has helped us to exceed our growth goals during 2010. 

We continue to evaluate all aspects of our network to insure that our clients receive the best possible value.  We offer a comprehensive range of marketing services – from a simple exhibit design to communicate a brand message, to a comprehensive asset management of exhibit inventories, to an event strategy to achieve results, to an entire overhaul of a current marketing strategy. 

The Tradeshow Network Marketing Group has it all with the team we have put in place.  We are projecting another successful year for 2011 with help from our clients and partners, and we look forward to serving you in this upcoming year.



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