Top 6 Reasons: You Know You Need a New Trade Show Booth When…

May 27, 2010


By: Kelli Cathelyn  

1. Your customers always recognize you because your booth has stayed exactly the same for the past five years.

It is never a good sign when a potential lead points out they can always tell it’s your booth because it has never changed. Everything is always exactly how they remembered. It is so important nowadays to keep at least the graphics on your booth up-to-date. You don’t want to bore your audience with the same message year after year. Keep it fresh and your customers will be sure to notice.

2. The photos you used were circa 1990’s.

Make sure that you are not using dated photos. If your company is relevant in technology the photos on your booth should show this. You wouldn’t want images of humungous old computers your company owned 5 years ago displayed when you currently work on sleek flat screens. There are many factors that go into selecting the right photos. If your company plans on investing in a booth that will last them quite a few years, interchangeable graphics may be your best option. They give you the benefit of replacing your images when they are no longer relevant.

3. You’re launching a new product/ service.

A trade show is a great opportunity to showcase your new line. Develop fresh graphics that will highlight the products/ services. This is especially important if you are at a more customized show. You don’t want your target audience to see your booth and walk right past without a second glance at your new line. If you don’t want to redesign your entire booth, a banner stand would be a great way to emphasize the latest information.

4. Your booth isn’t drawing in customers.

If your customers are just walking past your booth without a second glance, you definitely need to redesign your exhibit. You only have seconds to attract your audiences’ attention. If you’re having trouble figuring out what you should change take a look at your competition. Try to see what makes them so effective. Do they have a video screen projecting their latest products? Is their booth set-up in a unique way? Do their graphics pop all the way across the room? After you’ve evaluated these things you should be able to make some very effective changes, if you are still puzzled on why you're not generating traffic let your trade show company help you figure out how to make your next show a success!

5. The exhibit you have is too small or the traffic flow isn’t working.

The size of your booth may deter customers from coming in if the space is too crowded. No one wants to bump into each other while trying to view your products. We had a client come to us because their traffic flow was not working. They needed to provide samples of their product, but their current booth was not set-up in a way to accommodate this. We helped them redesign their exhibit so there was an easy route for the consumers to get through for a sample while still walking past graphics that provide knowledge about the company and the different products they offer.

6. Your trade show booth can’t accommodate the technology you’d like to use.

There are many technological options you can use in your booth that can make you stand out against your competition. You can have the standard product videos, and computers or the innovative touch screens, wii gaming systems and photo booths. Interactivity is a great way to get your consumers interested and to help generate leads.



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