How do you get the right trade show booth promotion for you?

April 15, 2014

Figuring out what trade show promotions to have in your booth can be a pain.  You can spend HOURS going through all the websites out there trying to find just that right thing.  But you job can be easier if you ask yourself a few questions: 

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1) What are your objectives. 

Do you want the person to come into your booth, Do you want to obtain information if you give them something, or do you just want them to take something away that they can keep in their office?, 2)  What % of the audience attending the event is in your target market?  If it is a small percentage, you may want to increase your promotional value and make it a bit harder for someone to take it (like fill out a survey), if it is a large percentage then you may want something inexpensive that they can take back to their office, and 3) Figure out what type of things appeal to your target market based on their demographics. Here are some additional ideas on how to promote your trade show booth give away once you’ve done your homework: 

Preshow Ideas (expensive and inexpensive – depends on your list size and the quality of your list).

  • Direct Mail
  • Email blast
  • Telephone call
  • Discounts
  • Print ads
  • Post your schedule on your website and have a sign up for appointments
  • Send an email blast to attendees
  • Put you booth number on everything you have with the show sponsor logo
  • Create a separate landing page about this event
  • Put a sticker on all communication (invoices) going out to people with the booth number and show
  • Have sales people set up meetings in advance
  • Post on all social media sites
  • Press release on any new products/solutions being presented at the show
  • Wine and Dine CLIENTS during off show hours – set up appointments
  • Send a postcard – with a free offer if they come to your booth
  • Add a link to your site on the show site
  • Direct mail pieces -Send out ½ the prize – other half gets picked up at the booth 

At Show Promotions – (expensive and inexpensive – depends on your target market size and show size).

  • Drawings/Giveaways/Contests
  • Demonstrations/Education
  • Candy – Food handout
  • Speak on the show agenda – submit call to paper
  • Give away something useful
  • Add interactivity – entertaining
  • Big grand prize
  • Ad in showbook
  • Door drops to attendees
  • Sponsorships
  • Free samples
  • Gifts
  • More substantial food/drinks
  • Get celebrities at your event
  • Massage

Whatever you decide to do – make sure you have the numbers to back it up.  Do you research and calculate the value of a particular solutions.  Regardless - mistakes will be made.  But you will need to minimize them.  Match sure it matches YOUR brand and YOUR company.  If you provide a quality product – give a quality product away.  Nothing cheesy.  Don’t let people just take your giveaway without answering a question – don’t make it easy for them Make sure giveaway is TIED into your marketing message/strategy. Educate your booth staffers about your promotion. Don’t offer a raffle without qualifying the lead – have a survey!  Collect information – don’t just give it away. Don’t treat customers the same as a potential prospect – maybe give them something nicer – THANK them for their business.

If you do your due diligence ahead of time – you will be rewarded in the end.




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