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February 06, 2014

We have received a lot of feedback from our newsletter this week that clients are interested in learning more about our iPad application to help your sales team in the booth be more effective at trade show events.  Below is a video that describes the tool and the benefits that can be obtained. We are thinking about hosting a webinar on this in the very near future.  For a limited time - we are offering this service for a fee of about $8k for the basic service which includes a user license for up to 50 people and 1 GB custom branded content (skin) package.  In addition there is a $500 yearly license fee. Watch the video and give us some feedback on what you think!

trade show marketing ipad application

An inexpensive, yet extremely powerful tool with a low entry cost is the iPad.  These little devices are relatively inexpensive for most trade show booth budgets and can be powerful lead generator for your business at a trade show event.  But instead of just having your standard PowerPoint presentation on the iPad – think about making it a more interactive solution that draws in the prospect and educates them quickly on what they are specifically looking for in a solution.  Think about it, if you have a client that wants to specifically talk about xx product and you can bring up a brochure, a video, a website page, and a Facebook link to see what other have said – all specific to that prospects needs – wouldn’t that be cool?  Well there is a new app that you can get that does all of this.

inTouch is the revolutionary line of products that creates a fully interactive and engaging experience, showcasing your brand and backed up with a robust and comprehensive analytical report at the show’s end.  Why an iPad app?  Everywhere you look, whether at tradeshows, corporate or hosted events, or just personal life, you see iPads. They have become a staple in today’s world, entire product lines are devoted to them, and corporate salesforces are conducting business daily with them. Why not an iPad App?

This new app will create new revenue streams through technology by providing:

• Customized, company-branded solution at a fraction of the cost of typical custom applications
• New technology solution to combine with existing sales opportunities
• Turn-key interactive technology
• Demonstrate products and services with current literature, presentations and videos
• Improve staff­ presentations
• Outfit an entire salesforce with consistent collateral

Contact us for a demonstration of this product.  

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