6 Tips for How to Effectively Use Promo Products at a Trade Show

November 26, 2013

You know that using promotional items at a trade show is a good idea. But what you might not know are some practical ways about how to use those promo products to get the best return on your investment.  Just like any other part of a trade show, tons of planning needs to go into what you giveaway and how you choose to give it to potential customers.  But if you start with these 6 quick tips you will be on your way to giveaway success!

promotionals1. Don’t print the specific event or date on the item

The reason for this is sheer logistics: what if you don’t end up giving away all of your swag? That means you’re going to be suck with 400 extra business card holders that can’t be reused. Using just your company logo and simple tagline means that you can reuse those items at any other event you attend.

2. Know your audience and pick relevant items

Research the kind of attendees you’ll see at your show (and/or your ideal customer) and make sure that your giveaways are something that they would appreciate. For example, if you’re at an eco-friendly conference you don’t want to give away disposable water bottles. If you’re at a conference for writers you’ll see them more receptive to notebooks than stress balls.

3. If possible, pick your items based on your location on the trade show floor

You need to know your audience. And if you know when your audience might come and see you, you can properly tailor your giveaways. If you’re near the entrance/front of the floor you should consider making tote bags one of your items. Attendees will be anxious to pick up swag so why not give them something to hold it in? If you’re in the middle/back you may want to consider bottled water because attendees will be thirsty by the time they get to you.

4. Include a call to action

All promo products will get your brand some impressions. But with a clear call to action on your promo items you can get potential customers to go above and beyond. Pass out pens asking clients to follow you on Twitter. Your custom notepads can prompt future customers to “Call for a free estimate.” Use items with large imprint areas to your advantage!

5. Make sure people know your giveaways are actually giveaways

For attendees, there’s nothing more awkward than trying to figure out if the items at your booth are supposed to be picked up or just on display. Make sure they are laid out nicely on a table and include signage if appropriate. Don’t hide them in the back to try and get some engagement – introverted attendees may just pass you by.

6. Engage everyone who takes one of your products

That being said, you should still talk to everyone who picks up one of your items. Some people may pull a snatch and run (which isn’t the worst thing because hey, they now have an item with your logo on it), but others will linger and give you a few moments to talk to them. Make sure that you ask people if they have any questions, if they would like a brochure for more information, or ask if they would like to exchange a business card to be entered into a raffle for a bigger prize.

And there you have it! These 6 tips will have you on your way to totally dominating your next trade show or event. Have any promo item tips of your own? Leave them in the comment section!

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Guest Blogger: Quality Logo Products

Mandy Kilinskis is a member of the Content and Social team at Quality Logo Products, a leading distributor of promotional giveaway items. When not overseeing the company blog or writing snappy product descriptions, she manages QLP’s Twitter account. Say hi @qualitylogo any time!



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