LCD Projector Rentals Have Many Advantages at Trade Shows

October 29, 2013

While many companies are turning to large LCD television screens these days, LCD projector rentals continue to be one of our most popular rental options because of their versatility and ease of use. While an large television can provide you with an impressively large picture, it won’t necessarily give you the best presentation possible. For that, LCD projector rentals and LCD display rentals continue to lead the pack for several reasons:

  • lcd tv at tradeshowsLCD projector rentals are relatively inexpensive. Rather than investing in a mediocre projector that will sit in a storage locker most of the year, you can rent an exceptionally powerful projector for the few weeks out of each year that you need it. Because you aren’t paying for it when it is not in use, you can save a considerable chunk of your marketing dollars.
  • Whether you’re projecting a streaming video, a photographic slide show or a Power Point presentation, you can utilize power zoom features and easily adjust the focus for precise, sharp images and close-ups.
  • Most of today’s LCD projector rentals are available in both regular and widescreen ratios for compatible imaging every time regardless of the source of the images or video.
  • Because LCD projector rentals have both DVD and HDTV input capabilities, you can project images from virtually any modern video source.
  • You can choose from among various lumen levels when using LCD projector rentals so that you can tailor the illumination and projection strength to your needs. This is particularly important when a 3000 lumen projector may suffice for a Power Point presentation but you need a 5000 lumen LCD projector for streaming videos off your company website.

    We offer a complete line of LCD projector rentals for trade shows, conferences, classrooms and media events. 

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