Trade Show Exhibit Design Tips

October 07, 2013

What makes a good trade show exhibit design?  Really that depends on your criteria.  But in this latest video we share with you a series of trade show design tips that you can use when developing a creative and new design for your trade show event.  Check out our latest and last video series for 2013 and let us know what you want to see from us next year!

In addition, here are the tops seven reason why companies fail to reach their trade show exhibit marketing potential:

    • A weak or non-existent exhibit marketing plan witrade show design tipsthout stated goals and objectives.
    • A casual attitude toward pre-show promotions. Well-designed promotions give attendees a reason to visit your booth.
    • A fuzzy or ill-conceived exhibit identity and message.
    • An exhibit marketing message that doesn’t differentiate you from your competitors.
    • An exhibit design that hinders effective client interaction (too noisy, too cluttered, too casual or too formal)
    • Poor booth staff etiquette that sends the wrong message to attendees and customers. Inappropriate etiquette is a common (and avoidable) mistake.
    • Slow, ineffective, or nonexistent post-show follow-up with potential sales leads. There’s a reason they are called “sales leads” and not "sales." 
Click on the above graphics to watch our final video and give us your feedback on what you want to see next year!!
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